Mystery bags 

Help! Can anyone tell me where the bags on this page came from? Answers in an email, please.


Anonymous Indonesian

Rita Gandasoemita sent me this bag, but didn't say which Indonesian carrier it came from.

Trims, Rita! (2004)


Another anonymous Indonesian

Onerous onomatopoeia, I know, but what else can I say about such an uninspired bag?

Thanks anyway to Winny Sanjaya (2007)


Yet another anonymous Indonesian

Oh dear, it looks as if American Plain White Disease has spread to Southeast Asia.

Thanks to Wibke Crewett, who if she reads this will doubtless tell me which airline it came from (2007)


Tear off to open

Someone gave me this bag, but I can't remember who it was. Looks like the bag designer was equally forgetful: he/she forgot to put any identification on it.



Unknown plain white

If you can identify this bag, you can have it for free.

The only distinguishing feature is the way it's been folded: the block bottom has been folded in two. Probably from India.

Thanks to Christiane Herweg (2007)


Unknown purple

Pretty in purple -- looks like Hawaiian Airlines.

Thanks to Josef Gebele (2004)


Unknown Soviet

At least, that's where I assume it's from. It's in Aeroflot-style green absorbent paper. Maybe I could narrow its provenance down by getting a DNA test of the tea stain near the bottom?

Thanks to Debbie Richardson. (2006)


Unknown vomiting bag

Strange: this bag doesn't look as if it's vomiting.

Thanks to Josef Gebele (2004)


Unknown white

I think this big, boring bag is American, but can't be sure.

Thanks to Scott Killough (2005)


Unknown white (another)

I quite honestly don't know why I use up valuable space keeping this bag, or indeed, why I am wasting your time and bandwidth to display it to you. I think it came from Indonesia, or maybe China, or maybe somewhere else.

Thanks to Winny Sanjaya (I think, but I'm not sure of that either) (2005)


Unknown white (tabs)

I'm going to scour the world's airlines until I identify the source of this supremely minimalist design.

Can't remember who gave this to me (2006)


Unknown white (vertical tie)

Can't remember where I got this bag, and I see no reason to try to find out.



Unknown white (flat base)

The only reason I'm showing you these bags is to convince you that there is nothing more boring than a plain white barfbag. Perhaps that will convince you to fly with airlines that care more for their passengers.

Thanks to Scott Killough for this amazing item. (2007)

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