Spike & Mike's Twisted Toons Barf Bag

First of a series of three highly desirable bags. This one features a set of synonyms for barfing: "Gag", "Barf", "Puke", "Toss the cookies", "Lose the lunch", "Spill the gate", "Technicolor yawn", "Playing the whale", "Dry heave", "Laughing at the ground", "Talking to the toilet", and (last but not least) "Driving the porcelain bus". Artwork dated 1984.

Thanks to Steve Silberberg. (2002)


Spike & Mike's Lunch Bag

No less visually stimulating bag from Spike and Mike. This one is and Official Free Souvenir Lunch Bag (aka Barf Bags) from their Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation. "Your lunch bag may contain a special bonus prize... Look inside!" it says. Dated 1994.

Thanks to Steve Silberberg. (2002) 


Spike & Mike's Barf Bag

I assume this gem is the most recent in the series, as it's the only one to feature a web address: www.ifilm.com or www.spikeandmike.com. Dated 1997.

Thanks to Steve Silberberg. (2002)



An artbag - one of 20 painted by an art group in Erlangen, Germany, and distributed by Reiner Schulz to collectors across the globe. The only thing he wants in return? A photo of me with this bag. I'm going to have to find somewhere exotic to portray it - hmm, how about in front of that big triumphal arch in Teheran?

This bag was originally intended for use on board a South African Airlines plane.

Thanks to Reiner Schulz. (2006)



A one-of-a-kind bag: specially made by my brother for my 50th birthday - er, barfday.

If only all airlines had a similarly creative approach to bag design, air travel would be a lot more entertaining.

I only hope my brother continues to provide me with these unique items on future barfdays.

Thanks to Laurence Mundy (2007)


Voter's Vomit Valet

"Recommended for sufferers of mild to severe candidate apathy: Don't vote without it!"

A gem from the 2008 US presidential campaign.

"You really should have one of these", said Bruce Kelly's note included with the bag.

I couldn't agree more.

Thansk to Bruce Kelly (2008)

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