Smart Mom Sak

"Crisis-solving helpers for moms", says this colourful bag. "Smart Mom Saks are leak proof bags perfect for all the unexpected moments in your day!

Grab the Smart Mom Sak for:

bulletLeaking juice boxes
bulletCar sick children
bulletDirty diapers
bulletUnexpected messes
bulletWet toys and clothes
bulletMorning sickness
bulletLeftover food

Great for diaper bags, cars, briefcases and travel."

I'm still trying to work out how to get a carsick child into one of these bags.

Thanks to Christian and Gerhard Lang. (2004)


Snorkel Bob

"I have a spare "Snorkel Bob Barf Bag" direct from Hawaii," said Bruce Kelly. "This never seen before bag is big, colourful and busy with a large picture of what appears to be....., why yes, it's 'Snorkel Bob' himself with snorkel gear inside a shark's mouth! On the back of the bag are helpful hints and what to do if you want to barf.......a little like the classic 'Earl's World Barf Bag' from Homer, Alaska, I sent you some time ago, but Snorkel Bob has completely different colouring and drawings.  This should quickly become a barf bag classic and the centerpiece of a collection."

God knows where Bruce gets these bags from. I don't think I want to find out...

Thanks, Bruce! (2003)

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