Lots of sensible advice you don't get on the run-of-the-mill bag: "Please dispose of safely... Do not re-heat...Not suitable for home freezing".

A massive bag, but made of flimsy plastic - I can see the need for caution. Especially when you realize that this bag is marketed to drunken British youths as part of a Stag Night Kit.

Thanks to Bruce Kelly (2006)


Sick Jon

This "disposable vomit bag" has a "super absorbent pouch". Open up the clear polythene bag, and you find a sturdy grey plastic bag that would do any rubbish bin proud.

Inside that is what I surmise is the super absorbent pouch: a large teabag full of what appears to be salt. "Inner pouch absorbs fluids and supresses strong odors", says the flyer that goes with it.

"Caution: do not swallow absorbent". Especially if someone else has vomited on it?

I guess Jon is the little green man depicted on the flyer.

Thanks to Eric van Amerom for this novel item. (2004)



A buy-it-to-puke-in-it bag from a firm that senses a market opportunity. The site tells us that vomiting is perfectly natural and can result from all sorts of fun-to-have ailments, including motion sickness, allergic reactions, appendicitis, brain anomalies and unpleasant sensory stimuli. Got one of this list? Then buy a pack of five SickSaver bags to avoid damage to expensive upholstery, messy clean-up, additional embarrassment and having to vomit into a public toilet or trashcan!

Thanks to Steve Silberberg


Sicksäver (Santa)

Santa's simple rules:

bulletDon't Fuck w/ the police
bulletDon't Fuck w/ kids
bulletDon't Fuck w/ store security
bulletDon't Fuck w/ Santa

Sincerely Santa

Steve Silberberg tells me that this standard Sicksäver bag with a sticker on it was distributed as Santacon 2004 in New York City. Santacon, apparently, is a "not-for-profit, non-political, non-religious & non-logical Santa Claus convention".

Thanks to Steve Silberberg (2005)


Sicksäver (Shomper)

How thoughtful! David Shomper's son gave him a stack of personalized bags for Christmas, emblazoned with his name. Clearly not for his own use: it says, "This bag provided courtesy of David Shomper, Bagologist".

David was kind enough to pass one on to me. Could this be the start of a new trend - personalized bags for baggists?

Thanks to David Shomper. (2006)


SickSaver (one sided)

Looks as if the SickSaver mannequin has been redrawn for this new edition.

Thanks to Bruce Kelly (2006)


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