Sac a vomi

From a French bagmaker that delivers two paper bags inside a third plastic ziplock bag, plus a handy sticker to indicate the bag contents. Choose between a pregnant woman, cocktail, car, file and illness. Ah the things it's possible to do with barfbags!

Thanks to Rilana Schmidt (2005)



Barry Day sent me this bag with a sticker saying "generic bag, light aircraft". That's a typically British understated description of one of the most fascinating bags in the skies. 

The bag comes in a small blue envelope stating: "Sic-Sac: The original Motion Sickness Bag. If an upset stomach is anticipated remove SIC-SAC from this container and keep ready for use. Do not be embarrassed by this precaution as even veteran air travelers are subject to occasional motion sickness."

The Sic-Sac logo features two pixies: an unhappy one holding a Sic-Sac envelope, and another grinning and holding a full bag. The pixies appear to be racing each other: the one with the full bag is in the lead.

There's more on the back of the envelope: "To use: roll top of sac over finger tips. Tie knot in top of sac itself or use attached tie." No hints as to how rolling the sac over your fingers is supposed to help ease your stomach.

Then it has some useful "Suggestions to ease motion discomfort: Regulate air vent for additional air. Concentrate on objects at a distance". In other words, stop ogling the stewardess and look out of the window.

There's more. "Genuine SIC-SACS are moisture-proof and not affected by extreme temperature changes." So much for climate-controlled cabins in light aircraft.

The bag itself is uninteresting: a plain plastic creation with a blue wire tie, held on with a sticker featuring those Sic-Sac pixies.

To get your own Sic-Sac, you might try contacting the makers: Allied Aviation Supplies Co.

Thanks to Barry Day for this gem. (2001)


Sic-Sac (2)

Same wording and overall design as the bag above, but the text on the back of the envelope has been re-typeset.

Thanks to Stephen James. (2001) 


Sic-Sac (3)

Another retypeset, this time with smaller type.

This bag came from a Kenmore Air seaplane that operates in British Columbia, Canada.

Allied Aviation now lives at L.L.C. P.O. Box 377, Piedmont, OK 73078.

Thanks to an anonymous Canadian benefactor. (2006)

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