"The travelsick sick bag." This handy plastic bag comes with an absorbent insert to soak up that noisome nausea, and a lemon-flavoured wipe to banish all memory of recent unpleasantness. All folded up with some easy-to-understand cartoon instructions in a pocket-sized package to slip into your handbag, glove compartment or (if you're a student) lecture notebook.

Thanks to Nicholas Campion of the QeeZee firm. (2004)


Queezy Sack

Colourful generic that Ken Pugh says was sent to him by Winpak, showing that Canadians can manufacture nice-looking bags.

But there's a dispute over this bag's intellectual property. Winpak apparently makes these bags. So too does Arabella Enterprises. Click here for more, or check out www.queezysack.com.

Thanks, Ken (2000).


Queezy Sack (no tabs)

Identical to the bag above, but no tabs. Christian Annyas says this one is also from Winpak -- not Arabella Enterprises. Now I'm really confused...

Thanks, Christian. (2002)


Queezy Sack (sticker)

The queezies have reduced their polkadot design to a sticker.

Thanks to Janusz Tichoniuk (2006)


Quyat Erp Barfing Bag

Someone trying to make fun of those unfortunate travellers who suffer from airsickness? "For motion sickness and other emergencies", it says on one side of the envelope. "Successful use of this bag, enroute and without knowledge of the crew or other passengers, entitles you to membership in The Quyat Erp Barfing Society. Dedicated to good clean flying."

The other side continues with this insensitive drivel: "This envelope contains one moisture-proof plastic bag. To be used during moments of motion sickness. After use, seal contents in bag with enclosed tie, and hold in hands like security blanket. Other passengers will appreciate it."

"Quyat Erp", for those non-Americans among you, is an onomatopoeic pun on the name "Wyatt Earp", a western gunslinger who was involved in a shootout at the OK Corral in 1881. I have no evidence that Mr Earp ever hurled while aboard a plane, so his links with the science of bagology appear tenuous.

Order more such bags from W.B. Buethe Enterprises.

Thanks to Jay Labe. (2001) 


Regex Engine Input

Something to do with computer programming: "This bag is part of the "Regular Expression" collection put out by Mark Dominus for his Perl class", according to Steve Silberberg, the source of this bag.

Thanks, Steve. (2003)

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