Ingold Airlines

Most of the airsickness bags featured on are issued by airlines. The Ingold Airlines bag is no exception: Ingold is a Cologne-based carrier founded by Swiss professor and entrepreneur Res Ingold.

The Ingold Airlines website allows you to book flights from anywhere in the world, using a variety of transport means. You can add on-board services ranging from acupuncture to archery.

Ingold's barfbag features a stork with severe gastroenteritis: it has projectile diarrhoea and is regurgitating its herring lunch.

With such a range of services, and a bag to make larger carriers envious, it's a shame that Ingold is entirely fictitious. The airline is an artistic endeavour rather than a transport concern. Found by Professor Ingold in 1982, the firm is virtual: it has no planes, no crew, no ground staff, no passengers, and no worries about rising fuel costs.

The Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger, a Cologne newspaper, carried a story about Ingold Airlines in its 28/29 June 2008 edition.

Thanks to Walter Brinker. (2008)


ITI 83

I don't know quite how to classify this bag. It's an airsickness bag (it says so) from International Trading Italia 83... but they don't fly planes -- they make bags. So I suppose it's a marketing bag, so should go on this page rather than among the airlines.

Thanks to Moreno Borriero. (2002)


Jezebel Fashion Week

"Celebrity, sex, fashion. Without airbrushing", it says on one side.

"Jezebel fashion week barf bag" on the other.

Open the bag to find a box of TicTac mints and a wooden tongue depresser.

Confused, like I am, as to what all this means? Visit to find out.

Thanks to Steve Silberberg for this enigmatic item (2008)



German dictionary producer Langenscheidt is the first publisher to have realized the value of barfbags as an advertising medium.

Langenscheidt has issued this fine bag in conjunction with its latest reference work, Chef-Deutsch, Deutsch-Chef, a bilingual Boss/German dictionary aimed at helping German speakers understand their superiors.

The dictionary is authored by "Bernd Stromberg", a fictional character played by actor Christoph Maria Herbst in the German version of the BBC comedy series "The Office".

We eagerly await further bagpublishing ventures from Langenscheidt.

Thanks to Simone Kohl (2007)



This bag was used to promote the Mini Cooper (a diminutive car manufactured in the UK). 

"Let's not mess up the interior" it says. "Let's make clickety-clak sounds as we climb to the top. Let's remember to keep our hands and feet inside the ride at all times. Let's spin round and round and round 'til the guy in the back just can't stomach it anymore. Let's motor."

Quite how this promotional blurb is supposed to persuade you to part with your hard-earned cash for one of these cars, escapes me.

Thanks to David Harris. (2003)

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