Die unpaessliche Tuete: Eine visuelle Hommage an den Hygiene-Beutel

(The indisposed bag: A visual appreciation of a disposal bag)

This bag comes already filled with Joerg Meyer's diploma thesis from the Bauhaus University of Weimar in Germany. The diploma is in two volumes: a finely printed and detailed study of bag design, and a volume of designs themselves (plus jokes, photos and more).

I was pleased to lend Joerg my collection for his study, and he made excellent use of it.


Disposable Bullshit Bag

"Seals BS in.


1. Open bag before opening mouth

2. Tuck open bag beneath chin

3. Start "talking", let the BS flow

4. When full, seal bag and dispose of.

Warning: Do not attempt to dispose of your BS through any government agency since they produce more bullshit than they can dispose of themselves. We suggest that you send it to the major networks in return for all they send out each day."

Thanks to Bruce Kelly. (2003)


Disposable Bullshit bag (Australia)

Same idea as the bag above, but with a fresh layout.

Thanks to James Mangan. (2003)


Eastern Financial Florida Credit Union

"Is your bank making you sick?" asks this bag.

"Introducing brighter banking. Bring UNUSED BAGS to one of our conveniently located branches to Get $425 with these valuable coupons.."

Turns out that to get your $425, you not only have to walk into one of their "conveniently located" banks with an empty bag. You also have to open a checking account and deposit $500 a month in it, take out a mortgage, and buy a car or boat.

Don't buy your plane ticket yet. The last of these generous offers expired in April 2006.

Thanks to Steve Silberberg. (2006)


Evil Ernie

A stickerbag advertising an unpleasant comic character.

Thanks to Bruce Kelly. (2006)


Food Standards Agency

Her Britannic Majesty's Government has got into the barfbag industry by issuing this bag: part of a campaign to raise awareness of food poisoning in the catering industry.

"In the UK up to 4.5 million people a year may suffer from food poisoning. (Makes you sick, doesn't it?)", it says on one side.

The other side is packed with information on how to "reduce the spread of food poisoning germs", like "wash your hands" and "ensure food is cooked properly". There are little pictures showing you how to stock your refrigerator and what a snowflake looks like. I'm going to hang it up in my kitchen for constant reference.

Overall, a nice bag, and a good way to raise awareness of the causes of excessive barfbag use.

Want details? Check this story from the BBC. Hungry for more? The FSA will be pleased to provide more information -- only there's no address on the bag.

But don't despair: a compliments slip that comes with the bag gives www.foodstandards.gov.uk, as well as a mailing address: "Aviation House". Can the link with the airline industry be a mere coincidence? And could airlines reduce the number of unwell passengers by following the FSA's advice?

Thanks to the FSA. (2002)

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