Special-issue bags 

Barfbags have many uses other than holding the contents of your stomach in a convenient manner until they can be disposed of hygienically. They are also a handy vehicle for advertising, political statements and humour. You can also buy bags especially to take with you in case you or your loved ones feel sick. Not just while travelling, but also while partying, pregnant or paralytic.



According to the authoritative barfbags.com site, Ampek bags were made by an entrepreneur as carsickness bags. In the USA, a "comfort room" means a toilet. Does that mean this bag is meant to pee into?

Thanks to Steve Silverberg. (2001)



Every time I hire a car, I ask if the firm supplies barfbags. Nope. This is the first one I've come across. Maybe Avis has taken to renting out planes?

Thanks to Matthias Koch. (2003)



Own-brand bag produced by British collector Chris Hays. The start of a trend by baggists aiming to boost the world supply of bags?

Thanks to Chris Hays. (2006)



Barf Bag One

"The official Barf Bag of The United States of America". With a non-endorsement by Dubya on the base of a different bag ("Air Force One"). A printing error, or copyright problems?

Comes individually packed.

Thanks to Leszek Szalapak (2006)



Anti-cigarette bag (description to be posted).

Thanks to David Harris. (2002)


Bark Bag

"A very confusing bag", says Alaska baggist Bruce Kelly, who sent me this fine item.

"At first glance you will think it is a dog shit bag but on closer examination you will see it is intended for airline use... the dog states 'in the bag, not in the plane'. I'm not sure if it has ever been used by an airline, but it could be.  It's certainly not intended for use by dog walkers."

From www.muttmuffs.com, a firm that produces earmuffs for dogs (yes, really).

Thanks, Bruce (2007)


Bend Cycle Cab

Beats me why anyone (except a bag collector, that is) would want a barfbag on a pedicab trip. If you're ill, wouldn't it be easier to lean over the side?

Thanks to Steve Silberberg (2008)



The first of a new class of bag: bags from a travel agent. With more-explicit-than-usual graphics showing how to use the bag.

Comes with content: a flyer explaining the benefits of Bizztrip's services.

All in Dutch, except for the slogan: "You're busy, we're Bizztrip".

Thanks to Arnoud Braun (2007)


An advertising bag aimed at radio station owners. The bag has a sticker that says:

"When the NAB Radio Show Is Done....
And The Parties Are Over.....
And You Are Still SICK of NOT Earning
More Revenue for Your Station...

A glossy flyer stuck inside the bag tells you exactly how to use the bag to boost your revenues.

Thanks to Steve Silberberg. (2005)



"How happy are you with your travel agent?" asks this bag in German. "The first travel agency exclusively for freelance professionals and small firms is here!"

Thanks to Niek Vermeulen (2005)


Bush bag

One of an increasing number of politically oriented American bags. Just about all of them seem to be anti-Republican. I wonder why?

"Bush bag for temporary relief of those whom are overly full. www.bush-bag.net"

The back is printed with a camouflage pattern for those in military service.

A pity they couldn't get the grammar right. "Those whom"?

Thanks to Bruce Kelly (2004)



Bag from a fitness gym in New York City. Why anyone would want a barfbag in a gym beats me - perhaps to put your valuables in if the lockers are full?

This educational bag gives its users a pre-barf physics lesson:

Force Distance Time = Power

A quick look in Wikipedia will confirm that this is correct. So if you hurl violently into the bag several times quickly from a great distance, you're powerful.

"You'll be fine... Have a mint!" concludes this bag. Dramamine flavoured, presumably?

The bag is a generic grey plastic bag with a sticker on it. Unclear what a "black box" has to do with all this.

Interesting to see from the Crossfit website that this is not the only edition of this bag available.

Thanks to Steve Silberberg (2008)

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