One way to build your collection is to visit airline memorabilia fairs. Barfbag collectors are generally found in the shadier corners of these events, looking furtive and talking in whispers. accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of this information - or indeed, whether bags are traded at these events. Make sure you check details with the organizer before you book your ticket and hotel.

Thanks to Niek Vermeulen and Tom de Kort for assisting with the list below. Corrections or additions gratefully received. Please send to the Situations Room.


bulletCroydon, 6 Jan
bulletLos Angeles, 26 Jan
bulletBasel, 16 Feb
bulletStuttgart, 15 Mar
bullet San Francisco, 8 Mar
bulletVienna, 29 Mar
bullet Gatwick, 27 Apr
bullet Vancouver, 3 May

Antwerp, 17 May

bullet Duesseldorf, 17 May
bullet Los Angeles, 21 Jun
bulletAirliners International 2008 Dallas, 10-12 Jul
bullet Newark, 13 Sep
bullet San Francisco, 27 Sep
bulletMinneapolis, 4 Oct
bulletToronto, 5 Oct
bullet Seattle, 11 Oct
bulletAtlanta, 18 Oct
bullet Brussels, 18 Oct
bulletHouston, 25 Oct
bullet Sydney, 1-2 Nov
bulletFrankfurt, 1-2 Nov
bulletLa Guardia, New York, 8 Nov
bullet Chicago, 22 Nov
bulletAmsterdam, 29 Nov


bullet Los Angeles, 24 Jan
bullet Gatwick, 5 Apr
bullet Airliners International 2009, Orlando July 23-25

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