Torebka Higieniczna

Why can't they employ a professional translator? Or at least a spellchecker? The English says this bag will be "removed by the Chember Maid". And in German, you're supposed to leave it lying in the toilet.

Don't ask me what the difference between a Torba and a Torebka is.

Thanks to Janusz Tichoniuk (2004)



A paper bag from the Netherlands, from the same people as make those huge toilet rolls.

Thanks to Janusz Tichoniuk (2004)


TORK (lower)

I didn't realize this bag was any different from TORK's other offering. But then I noticed subtle differences as I was lovingly fondling my bags: the ink is a lighter blue, and the text is printed lower down the bag. Just goes to show that sorting through your bags is not the waste of time that your friends and loved ones seem to think it is.

Thanks to Johannes Bosma (2005)



TORK (lighter blue)

What is an "Away From Home Tissue"? And what does it have to do with this bag?

Thanks to Gerd Clemens (2006)



If you find your loo is short of bags, you can contact any one of three addresses in Germany and two in France to get a fresh supply.

The Toussaint logo is three kittens clearing up the mess you left behind.

Thanks to Regine Mathias (2005)



Tryp Hotels

This firm's website says that "Tryp is the most urban and dynamic of the Sol Melia hotel and resort brands". Under what appears to be a photo of a subtly-lit prison.

Thanks to Janusz Tichoniuk. (2006)


Tyco Sani bag

This bag is designed to contain radioactive triangles.

Thanks to Jo Henshaw (2004)

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