Hard to imagine a thinner bag that would still stand the strain of holding sanitary waste.

Stole it myself (I think) (2006)


Starline (danke schoen)

A polite bag - it thanks you in four languages for not drowning it and its contents in the toilet bowl.

Thanks to Katrien van't Hooft (2007)


Steiner Hygiene

More than your average amount of information on this bag. Not only does it tell you how to acquire and dispose of the bag using the dedicated container, it also instructs you not to place tin cans, nappies, sharp objects, cigarettes or food in the bag (as if any of these items would fit - the bag is fairly small). And it tells you to wash your hands.

Any questions? Call their careline at 1860 10 11 80. I can just imagine someone sitting by this phone waiting for calls from distraught clients wanting to know the types of objects they are allowed to dispose of in this bag.

Stole it myself somewhere in South Africa (2007)



Steiner Services

Green: an unusual colour for this sanibag from South Africa. Call the phone numbers if you find there are no more bags in the dispenser in your cubicle.

Thanks to Johannes Bosma. (2005)


Stock No. 110

Bedside disposal bag. "Bend bag sharply at tape corner, peel backing and adhere firmly to clean surface". That could be a wall, a tabletop, or perhaps the nurse's uniform.

Thanks to Bruce Kelly. (2003) 


Strujs Papier

"Do not throw into lavatory, as this might cause obstruction", it says in English. In Britain this could land you with an anti-social behaviour order, a stiff fine, or even a prison term.

The German is equally intimidating: "Nicht in die Toilette werfen, da dies Verstopfung zufolge haben k÷nnte" ("... as this may cause constipation").

Thanks to Johannes Bosma. (2005)


Swedish toilet

Why do I collect such things? Actually, I don't, but people keep on sending them to me.

Thanks to Mark Brace. (2001)


Swiss˘tel Cairo

"Please do not throw any thing down the toilet", it says. So place all your bodily wastes in this bag and leave it on the floor?

Thanks to Nico Snels (2005)

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