Scandinavian Airlines

At last: a link between airlines and sanitary bags!

This sealed bag comes with a sanitary towel inside it. Remove your soiled towel, balance it on your knee, open this bag, apply the new towel, then remove the soiled towel from your knee and place it in the bag.

Thanks to Joerg Meyer. (2004)


Scheltinga Verpakkingen

"Please do not throw into W.C." in four languages.

So what should we do with it, then? The Scheltinga logo offers a clue: it looks like a suitcase. So, open up your luggage, and slip this bag into it. One assumes that the cubicle is big enough to allow you to do so.

Thanks to Johannes Bosma. (2005)



Sea View Hotel, Singapore

Actually, it was more like Building Site View when I was there. (2002)


Shangri-La Hotel, Kathmandu, Nepal

A posh hotel in Kathmandu provides this massive bag so you don't clog the loo by flushing your litter.

Thanks to Dewa Sadra. (2001)


Sharjah Continental Hotel

"Please do not flush down toilet". You'd be lucky if you succeed: this is a fairly large bag, enough for a whole month's worth of napkins.

Thanks to Alan Howlett. (2003)


Sheraton Hotel Brussels Airport

Instructions in French, Dutch, English and German.

Thanks to Frank Mulliri. (2004)


Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit Bangkok

Big paper bag with a larger-than-usual hole to hang it up on. I wonder if the hooks are that much bigger in Bangkok?

Thanks to Frank Mulliri (2007)

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