Sangria Hotel, Lembang, Indonesia

Plain white generic from this luxury resort in the highlands of West Java. (2002)



From a hotel near the Addo Elephant National Park in South Africa. Too small for an elephant's do-do, though.

In fact, at the Addo Park, you're not supposed to mess with the elephant droppings. This is because the rare flightless dung beetle, Circellium bacchus, rolls up balls of the dung dor reasons best known to itself. Run over the dung (or stuff it into a bag) and you're likely to interfere with its activities. Or squash it while it's at work - which would be sad for all concerned. 

Stole it myself (2007)



I can't believe this bag's primary purpose in life is to contain sanitary napkins. It's too small, for a start, and it says "Your drinking glass sanitized for your protection". I think Frank Mulliri must have got things mixed up here somehow.

From the Rex Resort, Diani Bay, Antigua.

Thanks to Frank Mulliri. (2006)


Sanitary bag, Bangkok, Thailand

From a hotel in Bangkok -- sorry, I don't know which one.

Thanks to Dewa Sadra. (2001)


Sanitary bag (green type)

Don't know where this is from, and I've forgotten where I got it from. At least I know it's a sanitary bag: it says so.



Sanitary bag (Hotel Meridien, Koh Samui)

A paper bag with a stylish oval hole to catch your fingers in.

Thanks to Frank Mulliri (2007)


Sanitary bag

In Chinese and English. With a series of road signs: Woman, Plus, No Toilets. 

Thanks to Janusz Tichoniuk. (2003)


Sanitary bag (Japanese)

I can't read this, but my sister-in-law can:

"Please place items in this bag that cannot be flushed."

"In this bag we have used materials that are easily recyclable for the benefit of the environment and people... Let us protect a green Earth. This product contributes to the preservation of the global environment through the Preserve the Green Earth Foundation."

Thanks to Erich Pauer, and to Regine Mathias for the translation (2006)


Sanitary bag (Thai)

The Thai looks something like "aiksulawiguiue".

Thanks to Christian Annyas (2004)


Sanitary bag (Thai, Koh Samui Airport)

Don't ask me how Frank Mulliri collects me these sanibags from foreign airports. I don't think I want to know.

This item has a green cross and attractive green lettering in English and Thai... but apart from that, it's pretty undistinguished.

Thanks, Frank (2007)


Sanitary bag (Thai, lines)

The Thai on this bag doesn't look anything like "aiksulawiguiue". A mistranslation, perhaps?

Thanks to Petr Manda (2005)


Sanitary bag (Thai, no lines)

I really must learn Thai sometime so I can check the spelling on this bag.

Thanks to Alan Howlett. (2004)


Sanitary Bag (Akita Metropolitan Hotel)

From Akita, in Japan - though you wouldn't know it from the bag itself. OK, OK, the fine print is in Japanese, and I suppose it may well have the name of the hotel in it: Japanese was never my strong suit.

Thanks to Erich Pauer (2005)


Sanitary bag (please do not throw into toilet)

The French in this quadrilingual bag has two mistakes. See if you can spot them.

Thanks to Oliver Conradi. (2006)


Sanitary bag (Hotel Sofitel, St Barthelemey)

A bag from France (well, the French West Indies, actually) that uses English first, then German, before finally getting to the French. I'm sure Jacques Chirac would not approve.

Thanks to Frank Mulliri. (2006)


Sanitary bag (do not throw)

Hard to ignore this bag: it's a massive 24.4 x 39 cm. Hard to ignore the instructions either: DO NOT THROW SANITARY TOWELS IN THE TOIL USE THE BAG! In all caps, in English and Swedish. All printed on industrial-strength polyurethane. One of the uglier bags you are likely to find in the restroom

Thanks to Josef Gebele. (2006)


Sanitary napkin disposal bag

"Note: Please do not throw into toilet bowl."

Click on the bag to find out what that is in Chinese.

Thanks to Frank Mulliri (2007)


Sanitary purpose

From the Hotel Harmony in Beijing. "Please do not deposit into toilet bowl", it says. Below is a picture of a bleeding toilet bowl to show you what will happen if you do.

Thanks to Petr Manda (2005)

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