Reef Resort, Cancun, Mexico

Thorsten Hecht has been spending too much time hanging around ladies' loos in the Caribbean waiting to steal sanibags.

Thanks, Thorsten (2005)


Residency Club, Chennai, India

I found this sanibag in the bin in my hotel room. Fortunately it was unused, so I took it out and put it in my suitcase. Later that day I came back and found a new bag in the bin, so I stole that as well. And so on for eight days. The hotel staff must have wondered what was happening to their bags. If they visit this page, they'll know.




One of the politer bags to be found in women's cubicles. "Bitte", it says, "Veuillez s'il vous plaît", "Vogliate per favore" and "Please"... "use this bag and do not throw anything into the toilet". Only the most hard-hearted client could refuse such a request.

Thanks to Oliver Conradi. (2005)

Royal Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

A sanitary bag from a moderately posh hotel in Bangkok. The establishments I normally stay in don't provide such bags: throw your rubbish on the floor. (2001)


Royal Lotus

From The Royal Lotus, Giritale, Polonnaruwa, in Sri Lanka.

The Sinhalese instructions look like a lot of mating bubbles.

Thanks to Petr Manda (2005)


Royal Princess Hotels & Resorts

A stylish sanibag in glossy paper and a handy hole so you can hang it on your doorknob.

Thanks to Petr Manda (2005)

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