Radisson SAS Hotel, Copenhagen, Denmark

"Environmentally friendly", says this bag. It features drawings of what at first I thought were steaming cups of coffee, but which turn out to be a wastebin and a toilet. Plus what looks like a mushroom cloud, but which I think is supposed to be a tree. (1999)


Radisson SAS (Riga)

This is from the hotel in Riga where George Bush stayed when he visited Latvia.

I don't know whether that's a reason to collect it, or to fill it with stinking garbage and send it off to the White House.

Thanks to Oliver Conradi (2005)


Radisson SAS (Bergen)

Same as the Riga edition, but without the fine print on the reverse.

Thanks to Oliver Conradi. (2006)

Ramada, USA

This American hotel chain offers a smallish bag: big enough for discarded chewing gum, perhaps. If you want to puke, please use the toilet in your room.
Thanks to Bruce Kelly. (2002)


Ramee Group of Hotels

Have an enforced stopover in Bahrain, and Gulf Air will put you up in this hotel in swinging Manama. You get free meals, and can pick up this sanibag too. (2004)

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