Large plastic bag that could well double as a shopping bag.

Thanks to Josef Gebele. (2002)


madame (wave)

Also ideal for use as a shopping bag, except for the small type that says "Protect toilet and drain".

Not the sort of design to use for a seasickness bag.

Thanks to Petr Manda. (2003) 


Magic Life

"Thank You For putting your sanitary towels and tampons into this hygienic bag..."

I didn't realize that women used more than one sanitary towel or tampon at a time.

Thanks to Janina Künstler. (2003)


Marie Didier

No, I have no idea who Marie Didier is, or was. Or why she should have her own sanitary bags.

I'll have to ask Schüller Hotelgast Service in Austria, which made this bag.

Thanks to Walter Brinker (2005)


Matahari Island Resort

From the Thousand Islands in the Java Sea, where I learned how to scuba-dive. The bag comes in its own cardboard box.

This is the only bag I've ever come across without a base. Don't use it on the speedboat to the island from Jakarta. (2002)



"Please put this bag in the Sanitärlunda after use", it says in English. Just what is a Sanitärlunda? The German is no more enlightening "Bitte legen Sie diesen Beutel in den Sanitärlunda nach Verwendung". Nor is the French: Prière de mettre ce sac dans le Sanitärlunda après l'usage".

From the Ebeleg country house (I guess in Sweden).

Thanks to Josef Gebele (2004)


Monte Hotéis, Salvador, Brazil

From Salvador in Bahia, Brazil. The bag designer failed to consult an English speaker (or a spellchecker) before going to the printer: it says " Disposal bag napkins. Pleasse close ahd dispose in waste container only".

Thanks to Fernando Canteras de Assis. (2002)


Morfa Ifan

That's where this bag came from. It looks just like the bags I stole once from an Intercity Express train in Germany, but this one was in the loo in a wonderful bed-and-breakfast on the cliffs of Wales. The owner said she was given them. By a visitor from the Deutsche Bundesbahn, perhaps?

Thanks to Beryl Painting (2005)


Mövenpick Hotels and Resorts, Germany

Funny, I thought Mövenpick made ice-cream... 

Thanks to Graham Curran (2002)

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