Kadoma Hotel, Zimbabwe

Sadly plain white plastic from this conference centre.

Stole it myself (2006)


Karos Hotels

I've no idea where Karos Hotels are, but according to their logo, they seem to serve spaghetti in ice-cream dishes.

Thanks to Johannes Bosma. (2005)


Karta Converters

From the St George's Bay Radisson Hotel in Malta. Doesn't say so on the bag, sadly. But the rest of the text is of interest nevertheless. For this is one of the few sanibags to target the hotel procurement department rather than the end-user.

"The mark of quality", it says, "For a better deal in disposables". A catchy slogan, I'm sure you'll agree, but perhaps of limited appeal to the client wishing to do the disposing. But I can just imagine a purchasing clerk reading this and reaching for the phone to order another boxful of these bags. All it needs is a phone number, and Karta's marketing would be perfect.

So we won't mention the typos in the German, will we?

Thanks to Juergen Klein (2008)


Kempinski Hotels

From one of the swankiest hotels in Germany, in Königstein in the Taunus hills north of Frankfurt.

When you've finished emptying the minibar in your room, flipping through the TV channels and bouncing on the bed, you can mosey into your bathroom to look for the free sanitary bag. You'll find it in a luxury embossed silver cardboard box on your dresser. Open it up to find a disappointingly plain plastic bag inside. Five stars to Kempinski for the packaging, but only one for the bag.

Thanks to Sibylle Wittmer. (2006)


خدمات مسافرتى

That's something like "Khadmaat masaafrati". No, not the name of a hotel, or even the museum in Tehran I found it it. It's the title of the pages of the newspaper this "bag" is torn from. Don't know what it means, except that I think  مسافرتى (masaafrati) has something to do with travelling - which would account for the little plane printed next to it.

Seems as if women in Iran don't get real bags - they have to make do with a stack of classified ads pages hanging on the wall of the loo.

Stole it myself. (2006)


Koggala Beach Hotel

This Sri Lankan hotel's logo features a dead swan.

Thanks to Christian Annyas. (2005)


Kyoto Grand Hotel

With a hole so you can hang it up after use.

Thanks to Bruce Kelly. (2003)

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