Iberotel Makadi Beach

This Hurghada hotel offers you tasteful opulence and styled elegance, and this unique sanibag for you to call your own.

Thanks to Oliver Conradi (2007)


Igefa (small logo)

With a small Igefa logo on the reverse. From the German Ministry of Development Cooperation.

Thanks to Evelyn Mathias. (2003)


Igefa (no fax)

Same as another Igefa offering, but without the fax number.

Thanks to Evelyn Mathias (2006)



Stands for Interessengemeinschaft der Fachgrosshändler für Sauberkeit und Hygiene.

Thanks to Homer Goetz. (2003)


Igefa (large)

In case the long, thin bag above wasn't big enough.

Thanks to Joerg Meyer. (2004)



"Ce sachet a subi un traitement chimique approprié, il serait dangereux de l'utiliser opour y mettre des prodiuts alimentaires."

(This bag has been treated with an appropriate chemical. It would be dangerous to use it to hold food products.)

So don't try to put your half-eaten sandwich in this bag while you sit on the john.

Thanks to Oliver Conradi. (2005)



Made from 100% recycled paper.

Thanks to Joerg Meyer. (2004)


Ille (Damit nichts)

Damit nichts daneben geht ("so nothing goes amiss"), it says on this Lady Bag manufactured by German bagmake Ille. There's a handgun printed on the bag as a threat, or to defend yourself against wilful random tampon disposal.

The bag continues with poetry:

Binden und Tampons,
von Mini bis Groß,
gehören einfach nicht in Klos.

(Napkins and tampons,
small and large,
don't belong in loos.)

Yet another quirk: the bag is printed upside down.

Thanks to Matthias Koch for this gem. (2005)


Ille (in der Regel)

In der Regel eine saubere Sache ("In the rule a clean thing") - a pun on the German word Regel ("rule", but also "period").

Is Ille is trying to do a Virgin Atlantic and turn its bags into collectors' items?

Thanks to Ilse Köhler-Rollefson. (2005)


Ille (heute schon)

The third in this remarkable series: Heute schon gebeutelt?, it asks. My wife (who is German) doesn't know what this might mean... so I'm forced to fall back on the English translation "Bagged yet today?" Whatever that might mean.

Thanks to Christian Annyas. (2005)


Ille (logo)

Not nearly as interesting as the other Ille bags on this page: just the Ille logo, website and phone number, in case you are in need of a new supply of bags to dispose of your used hygiene products.

Thanks to Regine Mathias (2005)



"Please do not throw in WC., but into the reserved box."

Hope you don't have to walk too far to find a box that is reserved. Try the local opera house...

From the airport in Dresden.

Thanks to Josef Gebele (2004)


Initial Hygoform

"For bedre hygiene" - that means "for bed hygiene".

"Legg brukte bind/tamponger i posen" can be roughly translated as "leg broken: tie a tampon and pose".

Thanks to Frank Mulliri (2007)


ISS Esgo

No hint as to whether this is a sanitary bag, a barfbag, a sandwich bag or all three. Call the phone number given to find out?

Thanks to Petr Manda. (2003) 


Itapirubá, Laguna, Brazil

Saco para Absorventes Higiênicos all the way from Laguna, Santa Catarina, in Brazil.

Thanks to Fernando Canteras de Assis. (2002)


ITC Sheraton, Chennai

Actually, that's "ITC Hotel Park Sheraton & Towers, Chennai", or something like that. "Please put your disposables in this cover and place it in the bin. Do not flush", it says.

You'd be hard put to it flushing this: it's a sturdy C5-size envelope, guaranteed to clog any toilet.

Thanks to Gerd Clemens. (2005)

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