Hygiene-Beutel für Damenbinden (brown)

A brown bag in German, Dutch, French, English and Turkish, from the Restaurant/Cafe Zürich in Bochum, Germany.

Thanks to Evelyn Mathias (2004)


Hygiene-Beutel für Damenbinden (brown 2)

Slightly browner paper, and printed lower down the bag.

Thanks to Regine Mathias (2005)


Hygiene-Beutel für Damenbinden (natürlich ungebleicht)

Naturally unbleached, to keep all those nasty chemicals away from your used sanitary napkin. From Berlin.

Thanks to Regine Mathias (2004)


Hygiene-Beutel für Damenbinden u. Tampons

Also in six languages -- but with Turkish rather than Greek.

Thanks to Oliver Mundy. (2003)


Hygiene-Beutel für Damenbinden u. Tampons

Now seven languages: they've added what I think must be Czech.

From the Evangelisches Krankenhaus (hospital) in Bergisch Gladbach, Germany (2004)


Hygiene-Beutel für Damenbinden u. Tampons (bright blue)

Retypeset, too.

Forgotten where this came from (2006)


Hygiene-Beutel (Sauerstoff gebleicht)

Beats me why anyone would want to know that their sanitary bag has been oxygen-bleached. But I guess there's a market for such things in European Ladies.

Thanks to Christian Annyas (2005)


Hygiene-Beutel (die umweltschonende verpackung)

Looks as if oxygen bleaching was not a good selling point for these bags. Now it's just "environmentally friendly packaging".

Thanks to Gerd Clemens (2006)


Hygiene-Beutel (recyclingfähig)

The bag can be recycled (it says so in the gusset). Don't know about the contents.

Forgotten where this came from (2006)


Hygiene-Beutel (Altpapier)

Nice to know that this item is made of 100% recycled paper.

Thanks to Johannes Bosma. (2005)


Hygiene-Beutel (Altpapier, no stripe)

Well, actually, there is a stripe - a blue rectangle - hidden in the seam at the base of this bag, rather than at the top. Must be there to show the machinist where to cut individual bags from the roll.

Thanks to Oliver Conradi. (2005)


Hygiene-Beutel (red and blue)

This bag shows clear Italian design elements - it's got the same wire wastebasket as several other bags from Italy on this site. But the German has migrated to the top, and the bagmaker has splashed out on two colours.

From the Hotel Restaurant Ippocampo, Bibione, Italy.

Thanks to Frank Mulliri. (2006)


Hygiene-Beutel zur problemlosen...

...Beseitigung von Binden usw.

ie, for problem-free disposal of sanitary pads etc. Only problem-free in German, but not in English or French.

Stole it myself (2006)


Hygienebeutel für Binden

What, no hyphen? Between the Hygiene and the Beutel, that is?

From the Cafe Bokisch in Nördlingen, in Germany. But sorry, I've forgotten who sent it to me. (2005)


Hygienebeutel für Damenbinden (blue flower)

Take your choice from blue...

Can't remember where I got this from (2006)


Hygienebeutel für Damenbinden (purple flower)

...or purple.

Can't remember where I got this from (2006)


Hygienebeutel für Binden und Windeln

Now we know why they make these bags so big: they are for nappies (diapers if you're American) too.

Can't remember where I got this, but I think I stole it myself (2006)

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