Hotel Edoya, Tokyo

There are phone and fax numbers and a website on this bag in case you want to return it to the hotel after use.

Thanks to Yumiko Mathias and Sven Handlötgen (2007)


Hoteles Catalonia

Gerd Clemens went all the way to Spain to pick up this bag for me. Instructions in Spanish, French, English, German and Swedish, but not Catalan.

The English instructions tell patrons to leave the bag "in the toilet". Huh? I thought that was exactly what you're not supposed to do - wouldn't it block the plumbing?

Thanks to Gerd Clemens. (2006)



Hoteles Libertador

With its cloud design, this looks more like an airsickness bag than a mere sani.

Thanks to Josef Gebele (2007)


Hotelia (dark blue)

A pretty chain of blue daisies adorns this Italian bag.

Thanks to Mark Brace. (2004)


Hotelia (lighter blue)

The daisies must have faded in the the light.

Thanks to Mark Brace. (2004)


Hotel Santana, Malta

Near the bottom of this plastic bag is "supplied by Industry Services Ltd., Mosta", along with a picture of an old-fashioned letterpress printing press. I doubt it was the one used to print the bag.

Thanks to Petr Manda. (2003)


Huong Giang Hotel, Hue, Vietnam

Hint: this sounds like "hwerng zang". It means, "Perfume River", which is the river that runs through Hue, in central Vietnam.

Pretty golden flowers, and a logo of a swan overflying a dragon boat.

Stole this myself. (2005)

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