Conrad Hotel, Bali

A nice touch - a plain plastic bag tied up with a ribbon.

At least I assume it's a plain white bag - I don't want to ruin the bag by untying the ribbon.

Thanks to Frank Mulliri (2007)


Contentitore igienico per assorbenti femminili

With an outline drawing of a woman, just in case males stray into the women's loo.

Thanks to Bruce Kelly (2004)


Contentitore igienico per assorbenti femminili (facile chiusura)

That's "easy closure" to you and me. From a dentist's loo in Beroun.

Thanks to Petr Manda (2005)


Contenitore igienico per assorbenti femminili (apothecary symbol)

This bag has not only an ornate Luftwaffe cross, but an apothecary's winged stick and snake.

Thanks to Petr Manda (2005)


Contentitore igienico per signora

"Higenic Bag for Ladies. Please do not throw in the toilette. Use only the proper can". In Italian, French, German, Spanish and what I guess is Serbo-Croat.

Thanks to Christian Annyas. (2003)


Contentitore igienico per signora (no Croat)

Similar design to the bag above, but does not cater to Croats. 

Thanks to Petr Manda. (2003)


Contentitore igienico per signora (Tüte)

The German claims this is a "Hygienische Tüte" (Hygienic bag), rather than a "Hygienische Behälter" (Hygienic container).

Thanks to Jürgen Klein (2005)


Contentitore igienico per signora (hole)

Identical to one of the bags above, but with a handy hole so you can hang it up while you flush.

Thanks to Jürgen Klein (2005)


Contentitore per assorbenti igienici femminiii

Yes, the last word really does have four i's in the last five letters.

Gilles Beger sent this to me. "It's a gift", he said. "I don't know what to do with it." Er, might I suggest you ask your wife or girlfriend, Gilles?

Thanks anyway! (2004)


Contentitore per assorbenti igienici femminii (lower)

The text is lower down the bag, and red cross is further from the text.

Thanks to Jürgen Klein (2005)

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