Bag for sanitary pads

One of the more cheerful items to be found in the Ladies. This one is from the Rica hotel in Bod°, Norway.

Thanks to Frank Mulliri. (2004)


Bag for sanitary pads (green)

Not as pretty as the floral offering above, but well worth a couple of seconds of your valuable time all the same.

"Please do not throw in the W.C." is pretty standard.

"Place in plastic bucket" is not. What if the bucket is made of metal, wood, or wickerware? What if it's a bin, not a bucket?

One can only assume that the manufacturers of this otherwise admirable, functional item wish to boost sales of plastic buckets - which they also happen to make.

Thanks to Johannes Bosma. (2005)


Bag for sanitary pads (big)

At 38.4 x 18.2 cm, this bag should be big enough to hold a complete month's worth of sanitary waste. Four mistakes in the German small print. From the Palm Beach Hotel, Larnaca, Cyprus.

Thanks to Chris Hays. (2006)


Bangkok Centre Hotel

Sanibag in English, Japanese and Chinese, but not Thai.

Thanks to Petr Manda. (2003) 



A meeting of cultures? A sanibag from a boat.

Thanks to Matthias Koch. (2005)



Sirvarse dejarla en la papelera, says the fine print. "Ater use, leave in the waste-bin the maid will remove". No mention of the maid in the Spanish: do Hispanophones have to remove the bag themselves?

Балкан Турист

That's "Balkan Turist" for those of you who cannot read Cyrillic.

Worth travelling all the way to Bulgaria just to catch the delightful English translation:

Hygienic bag for sanitary towels, cotton wool, handages, etc. Kindly throw it, after us, in the waste-paper basket of the W.C. Wach oyt for not bloking it up.

No word on how to catch the bagmakers in order to throw them into the waste-paper basket.

Anyone an idea what a "handage" is? Or how to "bloke up" a waste-paper basket?

Thanks to Oliver Conradi. (2005)

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