Sanitary bags

Somehow I've started collecting these barfbag lookalikes too. Here's a selection of receptacles provided by hotel and toilet managements to make your stay (and their cleanup job) as pleasant as possible. Collecting bags from women's toilets involves potential embarrassment for males, so special thanks to those understanding females who have provided much of this collection.

As far as I'm aware, this is the world's largest collection of sanibags. Ah, the fame!

The bags are ordered by manufacturer or brand name, or failing that, first few words to appear at the top of the bag.

If you're really interested in sanitary bags, then check out:

bulletJoerg Meyer (2004) Die Unpaessliche Tuete: Eine visuelle Hommage an den Hygiene-Beutel. Diploma thesis, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. (This even comes in its own sanibag - also featured below.)
bulletMuseum of Menstruation and Women's Health.

Check this list carefully, and you'll also find a perfumed nappy bag and a condom bag... 


Plain white plastic

You find a lot of this sort of bag in women's loos around the world. They come in a cardboard box, locked within a metal container. No logo, no printing, nothing to indicate where you are are what you're supposed to do with the bag once you have it in your hand, or how to dispose of it afterwards. In fact, so inconsequential that I've made a unilateral decision not to collect such trash in future.

Now let's go on to some more interesting bags.



Plain white plastic (shorter, fatter)

Equally boring, but not as common.

From the Hotel Löhndorf, Bonn.

Thanks to Evelyn Mathias (2006)


Abegglen-Pfister AG

From a Swiss firm based in Luzern, with instructions in English, German, French, Italian and, unusually for a European bag, Chinese.

Thanks to Oliver Conradi. (2005)



"Protect toilet and drain." With this bag? "Because we care."

Thanks to Josef Gebele (2006)


Adolf Rick Nachfolger

Eight languages: German, English, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Turkish and Greek.

Thanks to Homer Goetz (2003) 


Adolf Rick Nachfolger (coarse cut)

Now with a coarse crinkle cut.

Thanks to Evelyn Mathias (2004)


Adolf Rick Nachfolger (8 languages)

Instructions in German, English, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Turkish and Greek. No pictures showing how to place your used tampon in the bag, though. Made by Adolf Rick Nachfolger in Bonn. Obtained from Cologne Airport, Germany

Thanks to Evelyn Mathias (2002)


Adolf Rick Nachfolger (bright blue)

Adolf and friends are still using the old postcode (5300 Bonn 2), which was abandoned back in the early 1990s after German reunification.

Thanks to Erich Pauer (2005)

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