Restaurant and pub bags

This page is not intended to be a critique of the quality of food offered by certain well-known international fast-food restaurant chains. It's just that their bags do look a bit like barfbags, and could well be used for the same purpose by dissatisfied customers. 


Dunkin' Donuts

The similarity with a barfbag is striking: same construction, even down to the quick-open thumbhole at the top. This specimen comes from Bogor, Indonesia. The contents are 100% halal, and the base of the bag tells us it is made with food-grade paper.



"After a night on the Firkin town take home a... pavement pizza." This delightful message brought to you by The Firkin Brewery.

Thanks to Nick Hennessey. (2003)


Flavor Savor

"So that the flavor of our products may be preserved for oven fresh home arrival, we use this uniquely designed Flavor Savor protective bag. Just keep the top closed for storage in your your freezer, refrigerator or bread drawer. Flavorful, delicious baked goods are an important source of energy for every family. Come and see us often. Thank you!"

"Trade Mark Stewart Sutherland Inc. Bagability"

Uniquely designed? Nonsense: It's a plain old barfbag.

I do like the name "Bagability", though...

Thanks to Steve Silberberg. (2003)



No collection of fast-food barfbags would be complete without a McDonald's bag. This fine example has little pictures on the reverse showing you how to add spice to your fries. Step Three involves folding the top of the bag over and shaking vigourously to mix the spice with the fries. Not recommended if you have used the bag as a receptacle for regurgitated fries.

Thanks to Steffen Mathias. (2002) 


People Bag!

Beats me quite how you're supposed to get any people into this bag. Or is this the human equivalent of a doggy bag? From an American restaurant -- Bruce Kelly didn't tell me which one.

Thanks, Bruce. (2002)



A rarity of a dogbag - intended to what goes in at the front of your dog rather than what comes out of the back.

Made by SE Rykoff & Co.

Thanks to Oliver Conradi. (2006)


Tirrenia narrow

Snackbag from the Gruppo Tirrenia Navigazione. Sent to me by ITI 83, which also makes barfbags.

Thanks to Moreno Borriero. (2002)


Tirrenia broad

Like the narrow type above, this snackbag features a full-length transparent window so you can inspect the contents of your baguette sandwich. An idea for barfbags too?

Thanks to Moreno Borriero. (2002)

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