At last, a bag you can get legally...

"I get carsick, but I don't fly often, so I can't steal enough bags..." Or maybe you're just too honest to swipe bags from those cash-strapped airlines?

Then a Queezy Sack is what you need. Designed for pregnant women, small children, or students who overindulge, this bag comes in a box of five, along with some handy wipes. The box (left) features a small child intently studying the base of a bag, while mother looks on.

The Queezysack website even has some heart-rending stories of people who have used this product, or who wished they had. Check it out at

Oh -- the Queezy Sack marque is at the centre of an intellectual property dispute between Canadian baglomerate Winpak and New York firm Arabella Enterprises. Read more here. (25 Nov 2001)

Meet others just like you...

Want to meet other bag collectors in the flesh? Visit Wolfgang Franken's site to check on the airline memorabilia conventions that attract them like, well, flies to a used bag.

In need of inspiration?

Got an hour to waste? If so, visit the amazing DesignForChunks site for the pinnacle of bag art. What could barfbags be like if only airlines had a little imagination? What if they hired an artist to design their bags, instead of some peon who cleans out ashtrays?

"puking in dull bags can no longer be accepted, imagine your delight when you discover the receptacle you are about to puke into is of the highest pedigree... how much happier you would be handing over the steaming bag to the hostess..."

Even the site's "Dullair" bag is better than three-quarters of the bags foisted on the unsuspecting public by callous airlines. After seeing these designs, you'll weep next time you reach into that seat pocket and pull out a boring, grey Lufthansa bag. Or even worse, a plain white American Airlines one. 

Some of the designs are pretty funny, some are pretty tasteless, some are sexist, and I must admit I don't understand the rest. Check the wording on many of the bags -- too small to reproduce on these sample thumbnails, but there are larger versions and lots more designs on the site itself. (9 Oct 2002)

Airline list

David Harris has put together a massive list of every airline you've ever heard of, plus lots you haven't. Everything from A-OK Jets to Zuliana de Aviacion. With their email and internet addresses. If you want the internet address of the Widerĝe Flyveselskap ASA Shetland-Bergen flight schedule, this is the place to look. More than 4000 airlines or addresses in all. Contact David at if you want a copy.