Bag publications

Bags have given rise to a minor publishing industry. This genre is aimed at designers, seafarers and all those who appreciate barfbags for their aesthetic characteristics as well as their ability to hold liquid waste.

Eine Welt voller Tüten: Abfalltüten aus Flugzeugen

Tina Strube, 2007

Fachhochschule Münster, Germany

An exquisitely presented, 266-page homage to the barfbag by Ms Strube, a design student at the Technical College in Münster, Germany. Based on Thorsten Hecht's collection, this book displays hundreds of bags and their design details, traces the history of each airline's bag design.

In German, but don't let that put you off if you don't speak the language. The pictures and the design speak for themselves.

Hardcopies not available. Download the PDF files below, and gape in wonder at this masterpiece.

bullet Complete book (47 Mb) (caution: large file)

Individual sections (smaller files)

bullet Pages 1-11 (front matter, flight) (3275 kb)
bullet Pages 12-19 (the collection, legend) (2610 kb)
bullet Pages 20-59 (Americas) (5475 kb)
bullet Pages 60-89 (Africa) 2666 kb)
bullet Pages 90-97 (Europe: Scandinavia, Ireland) (2519 kb)
bullet Pages 98-119 (Europe: UK) (11, 519 kb)
bullet Pages 120-148 (Europe: Spain, France, Belgium, Germany) (4115 kb)
bullet Pages 149-174 (Europe: other countries) (3577 kb)
bullet Pages 175-197 (Middle East, Pakistan) (3764 kb)
bullet Pages 198-223 (East Asia) (3321 kb)
bullet Pages 224-250 (South and Southeast Asia) (3373 kb)

Pages 251-260 (Oceania, glossary, bibliography, index) (1141 kb)

Izmirübel: Das Buch zur Tüte

Gerd Otto-Rieke, 2000

Enjoy 48 witty pages introducing you to the science of "Tütologie". Don't understand German? Hey, you can still admire the pictures of rare bags and look at the cartoons.

Order from Alabasta Verlag,

Gerd wants to publish this book in English. Anyone know of a bag-loving publisher interested in a slice of the massive profits to be made? Contact Gerd directly, and mention!

Heave Ho! My Little Green Book of Seasickness

Charles Mazel, 1992

"A personal thesis of experiences with motion sickness drawing on both personal and historical topics and... yes, it had a barf bag as a bonus tucked between the pages of each book.

"In addition, there are two known designs issued (I have both). The first bag was a longer version and the second (perhaps as a cost-saving device) was smaller. Both used identical stickers on white generics."

- Bruce Kelly

The book comes in two editions, pictured on the left, identical except for the covers. The book is full of interesting and witty tidbits about seasickness through the ages. Order your own signed copy, including the bag, direct from the author at

Die unpaessliche Tuete: Eine visuelle Hommage an den Hygiene-Beutel

Joerg Meyer, 2004

Diploma thesis, Media Faculty, Bauhaus-University Weimar, Germany

"The indisposed bag" is a diploma thesis on the design of the humble sanitary bag. It has two volumes: 84 spiral-bound pages of entertaining, informative and detailed text in German, and 100 pages of designs and visual humour in full colour.

Both volumes come in a specially printed bag. In keeping with most of the bags described in the thesis, it makes no attempt at haute design.