New bags in 2007

Still working on getting these online... Grey shows airline barfbags.

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Flay a surface film of tape: Yamaoka Kosan (don't know - can't read the signature on the card)

Pride of Africa? Not any more: Kenya Airways and Jetlink (Wouter Hoenderdos)

Gone is the mermaid: Seair (Inge Orth)

One of a kind: Vomitair (Laurence Mundy)

Dotty bird: Vueling (Cédrick Gauthier-Lacognata)

Continental on steroids? Aero República (Michel Silvera)

What's "aaaghh...!" in Spanish? (Raúl Perezgrovas)

Made in a website: China Southern (Wolfgang Bayer)

Yet another Cathay Pacific (can't remember)

No more BD: Air Sahara (Ilse Koehler-Rollefson)

No more baby blue: Air Dolomiti (Christiane Herweg)

Same part number, in a different typeface: Air Canada (can't remember)

Coarser crimping: (stole it myself)

Bookbag: Heave Ho! (Charles Mazel)

Whites only? South African Airways, bolsa para los paños (Juergen Klein)

Roll or fold? ATI. Plus ARP 410 Airlines, Inex Adria Aviopromet, Nepal Airways and Out of Eden (Homer Goetz)

Learn Dhivehi while barfing: Trans Maldivian. And another Trans Maldivian. And Hygiene-Beutel, Hygiene-Beutel, Mötzing (x2), white plastic with hole, white paper, Disposal bag (x2), Karachi Sheraton, Contentitore, Lanwar Cosmetics, Saco Higiénico, Astrein AS70 (Gerhard Lang)

Q4: Qantas (Thorsten Hecht)

Stormy Med: Aigle Azur (Cédrick Gauthier-Lacognata)

Phone your dog: Vodafone (Jan Tomášek)

Glossy mag, plain bag: Aer Arann. And I love my dog (Galway) (Silke Brehm and Sven Schade)

How many variants are there? China Eastern, China Eastern and China Eastern. And China Southern, Lucky Air, CRH and Lao Aviation (Piet van der Poel)

Some baggists refuse to collect these: ANA 12/06, ANA 01/07, ANA 03/07 (Steffen Mathias)

Broken-nosed eyeless smiley: Freebird, unknown plain white (from India?) (Christiane Herweg)

Is there no end to these? China Eastern and China Eastern (Dietmar Ebert)

Hygiene-Beutel (Regine Mathias)

Motorway jams? Deutsche Bahn (Timo Korf)

Candy bag? Norwegian Smågodt. Plus Hygienisk pose (x3), Hygoform (x2), (Oliver Conradi)

Dropped the "n": Malaysia Airlines. And AWS Stuttgart and Dogtoilet (Alan Howlett)

Smugglers' shop? Bangkok Airways. And a Kirkland doggie (David Shomper)

Latino feast: AeroCondor, AeroContinente, Kalmarflyg, TACA, LanPeru; Kobee and CrillonTours  boatbags; PeruRail; and Astra, Quality Hotel (Kuala Lumpur),  Hotel Presidente (La Paz) and Hoteles Libertador sanis (Josef Gebele)

Built to last 5000 years: Egyptair (Tim Höger)

Built to last to the end of your flight: EgyptAir (Evelyn Schlosser-Sturm)

With website so you know where to send it when full: Hotel Edoya (Sven Handlötgen and Yumiko Mathias)

Salami and cheese: Hamburg International. Plus a dotcom Air Malta and a mini flying hammer-and-sickle: Aeroflot (Oliver Conradi)

Bird contrails: Kam Air, and dense fog from Nok Air (Allison Brown)

A new class of bag: (Arnoud Braun)

Spent all their cash on new planes: Lion Air. And Philippines Airlines (Helga Stamm-Berg)

Poll strings: TAM. And a Voegol with a new cedilla, plus TAF (Lucian Peppelenbos)

More dogs: JJB Solutions, unknown doggie, pet pickups, epi, Bard Industries, poppy pouch, Tholo (David Shomper)

Little arrow: China Southern (Wolfgang Franken)

I'd prefer a pilot: Sriwijaya Air. And Eva Air, Airtours, and Torba na podpaskę higieniczną (Janusz Tichoniuk)

Aloha: Hawaiian, Polferries (Leszek Szalapak)

Not for creationists: TAME (Nico Snels)

Free from DeSter: TAAG (Susanne Gura)

Glossy: Air Plus Comet (Franzi Bringe)

Wavy cut: IndiGo (Namitha Dipak)

No Japanese or Koreans: Sichuan Airlines (Wolfgang Bayer)

Tab markers: MIAT (Jim Green)

Take Care: Jet Airways, Indian Airlines, EgyptAir (x3), Air India (x2) (Ilse Köhler-Rollefson)

What do they do with them after the sell-by date? Thai (Oct 2006) (Uwe and Ute Künstler)

Switch of allegiance: Thai (Mar 2007) Ethiopian Airlines (x4), (Evelyn Mathias)

How would you feel if your body had been morphed into a paper plane? IAT. And Korean Air, Batavia Air (x3), Adamair (gold tie) (x3), Qantas 4A10, (Winny Sanjaya)

Recycling-faehig: Hygiene-Beutel

Torba Chorobowa, Aerolineas Argentinas, Pantanal, Varig, Lanwar Cosmetics (Janusz Tichoniuk)

Fly540 (Michel Silvera)

Literary famine: Qantas (David Shomper)

Polish hotels: Courtyard Marriot, Trident Hilton Chennai, Emirates sanitary towel, Heineken, torba higieniczna, torba na podkładkę higieniczną, torbana na podkładkę higieniczną, Tork (x2), Lande, Lande, Hoteles Catalonia, Hoteis Cristal, Hoteles Silken (x2), Ho Hsin, Hotel Jan III Sobieski (Gerd Clemens) 

Solomons 1985-88: Sic-sac (Richard Pickering)

Wings Air, Wings Air (long), Lao Aviation, Jet Airways, Hygiene-Beutel (x2),

Free but not independent: Condor (M J Rehbach)

Heute schon gebeutelt? Lady Bag (x2), Damit nichts daneben geht: Lady Bag (x2), and Ille (Regine Mathias)

Museum Colour: Hygiene-Beutel (x2) (Regine Mathias)

Royal Jordanian (Renate Rabenstein)




Puking Preethy barfs again: Yeti Airlines and Yeti Airlines (Chris Eeckhout and Isolde Zeutzius

An invitation to steal bags? TUIfly and TUIfly (Sheila and Geoffrey Mundy)


New stripe: Aeroflot, along with Cyprus Turkish and Voegol. Plus Voelkerfreundschaft cruise ship bag, and Chrisco and Tholo dogbags (Homer Goetz)

Aaaghh...! Click Mexicana. Plus Wegwerp and Starline sanibags (Katrien van't Hooft)

Caribbean battle bag: DisposALL (stole it myself)

Six are enough for an elephant: Aport (Jan Tomášek)

Wings: Delta (Ute Wisplinghoff)

Stick one of these behind both ears: Air Tahiti Nui. Plus Saudi Arabian Airlines, Viking Airlines, American Falcon, OceanAir, and Sabena (Roger Macrae)

Japanese bags: Air Do and TDA (Toshiaki Anan)

What a bag is designed to protect: London City Airways. Plus Etihad, Etihad, and Air Bagan (Thorsten Hecht)

LAB bag: LAB (Charlotte Haeusler)

Touch of gold: Etihad and Emirates Palace Hotel (Sibylle Wittmer and Claas-Malte Sturm)

No gold: Bangkok Airways (Fulvio Dossena)

Patented: Frontier Airlines. Plus Magni Charters (David Shomper)

Completes the set of plain whites: LAN Argentina. Plus TAP Portugal, TAM Mercosur and TAM Mercosur (Ilse Koehler-Rollefson)

Look inside: Jet Airways. Plus PIA and PIA (Christiane Herweg)

Bossbag: Langenscheidt (Simone Kohl)

Muchos Latinos: TAM Mercosur, Aerosur and Aerosur (harvested them myself)

New bowl design: Hygiene-Beutel (Evelyn Mathias)

Flowers: KLM. And Flamenco Hotels and Flamenco Hotels (Timo Korf)

No maker: Air Sahara (Helga Stamm-Berg)

Fourteen dots: Brusselsairlines. And Iberotel Makadi Beach (Oliver Conradi)

Safer for children? Monarch Airlines (Sheila and Geoffrey Mundy)

Pride of Mother Russia? Aeroflot.  And Torba na podkladke higieniczna (Janusz Tichoniuk)

Another logo as your bonus: Bangkok Airways. Plus Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit, Sanitary Bag Hotel Meridien Koh Samui, Koh Samui Airport, Prince Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Novotel Bangkok Airport, Conrad Hotel Bali, Initial Hygoform, Sanitary Napkin Disposal Bag, D2 Hotel Chiangmai, and a Singapore Parks dogpoo bag (Frank Mulliri)

Dried blood? JAL (Erich Pauer)

New paper: Royal Jordanian. Plus Crown Plaza Petra and Days Inn Jordan (Regine Mathias)

Asian invasion: Wings Air, Syrianair, Garuda, unidentified plain white, Malaysian Airlines. Plus Lee Gardens Plaza Hotel and Tivoli Hotels (Winny Sanjaya)

Dying palms: Air Madagascar, Air Madagascar, Air Madagascar. Plus Air Dolomiti, Martinair, Aero Airlines, Pince-à-Crotte, Sachet pour garnitures périodiques (Fred Courtay)

Thai hospitality: The Oriental, Bangkok (Homer Goetz)

For small litter? Für die kleinen Abfälle. Plus Air Via and Khalifa Airways (Thorsten Hecht)

Total image makeover: JAL (Leszek Szalapak)

Please place in unit provided: Silhouette and Cannon Hygiene (Sheila and Geoffrey Mundy)

No need for a phone book: Aerocontinente. Plus AirUK and Eurocypria (Aidan Stradling)

New bagmaker: Bagcraft (anonymous Canadian donor)

Come to Vegas: Virginpoker. Plus Onurair, Qantas Q2 and The Hills Have Eyes (Josef Gebelé)

Bagvertising: US Airways (Anonymous Canadian donor)

Doted line: Aviacsa. Plus Croatia Airlines (Janusz Tichoniuk)

Low cost = no logo? Kulula (stole it myself) and Intersky (Trud Herdeg-Rohé)

Danish slime: DSB (Josef Gebele)

Error repeated: MAT Macedonian Airlines (Richard Pickering)

In lieu of an inflight announcement: Israir (Johnny Mevorach)

Another barcode logo: Air Italy (Fulvio Dossena)

69 position: Blue Wings AG (Anke Scherer and Friedrich Ebert)

Sírvase dejarle en la papelera: Hotel Puente Romano Marbella (Juergen Klein)

Three firsts in one bag: Lion Air. Plus Wings Air, Batavia Air, and an anonymous Indonesian (Wibke Crewett)

Work for unemployed cartoonists? Cebu Pacific, East African, anonymous paper, China Eastern and Dragonair (Scott Killough)

Looks like a hamburger: American Hotel Register Co. Plus AZAL (Bruce Kelly)

Missed the deadline: Ryanair (Chris Hays)

Too small for an elephant: Sani-Bag (stole it myself)

Ear-therapy? Eartherapy (Juergen Klein)

Yellow heavens: Sky (anonymous German/Japanese donor)

Just a little airhole: Germanwings (Alan Howlett)

Strange name, strange logo: Livingston Energy Flight and Thai Pacific. Plus, Conti-flug. Plus a confusing Bark Bag - for dogshit or for peoplepuke? And a sanibag dedicated to St George:  Bolsa para los paños (Bruce Kelly)

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