New bags in 2006

Grey shows airline barfbags.

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Tanzania's finest: PrecisionAir, and PrecisionAir (Arnoud Braun)

Zimsani: Cresta Oasis Hotel, Harare, Kadoma Hotel, Zimbabwe, and Prescription Voorskrif, South Africa  (stole them myself)

Truth in advertising? Ansett $4.99 (Steve Silberberg)

Oh-so-patriotic: Hemus Air (Nico Snels)

Donated by the pilot: Mission Aviation Fellowship

Use it when you reach the White House: Barf Bag One (Leszek Szalapak)

Chinese chequers: China Airlines, and Asiana Airlines (Michel Silvera)

The sky is closer: Air Vallee (Fulvio Dossena)

Once a month is enough: Thai Jul 2006, Thai Aug 2006 and Thai Sep 2006. Plus a Vogt  sanibag (Alan Howlett)

Made by ГП Невские мастерские: Pulkovo (Jürgen Klein)

New, thrilling design: Turkish Airlines (Ellen Geerlings)

Past its use-by date? Aviacsa (Raúl Perezgrovas)

Pubsanibag: The Bull pub, Blackmore, Essex (Sheila Mundy)

Aussie swagbags: Qantas Q3 and Virgin Blue V3, plus AMS and Parks Victoria (Annabelle Mundy)

Now with tabs: Air Deccan (Lucian Peppelenbos)

Smiley with an afro hairdo: SunExpress (Oliver Conradi)

Enjoyed this bag? Book another flight! Aerolíneas Star Perú (David Bradford)

Flying reptile? AeroGal (Frank Mulliri)

Totally degradable dogbags: epi and JJB Solutions (David Shomper)

Charity bag: Blue Panorama (Jürgen Klein)

Falling block game: Eva Air. Plus Paramount Airways, Lara Europe Analyses, Hygiene-Beutel, TORK, Courtyard Marriot, Grand Hilton Hotel, Seoul and Harbour Plaza (Gerd Clemens)

From the same people as made your meal: Lufthansa. Plus a Veronica sanibag. (Barbara Kneiding)

No longer royal: Royal Nepal Airlines, Nepal Airlines, and Hill Racing Trips Company (Piet van der Poel)

Extra Large? (Colin Smith)

Fresh every month: ANA, ANA, an ANA Hotels bag, and a Japanese sanibag I can't read (but my sister-in-law can) (Erich Pauer)

Need a German editor: Zakje (Oliver Conradi)

Afghan generics: UN Humanitarian Air Services, UN Humanitarian Air Services, and PACTEC (Allison Brown)

Авиакомпания: Vaso; plus SATA and Lanwar Cosmetics (Janusz Tichoniuk)

White on the wire: Air Deccan (Aidan Stradling)

Bunches of flowers: KLM and KLM, plus a sanibag from the Jacaranda Hotel, Nairobi (Evelyn Mathias)

Alliance on the bagface: CSA Skyteam (Jan Tomášek)

Specially designed for chewing gum: Martinair (Niek Vermeulen)

Fly Europe and break someone's heart: Plus Virgin Nigeria and an Amicus medical bag (Homer Goetz)

Found under the sink: Iran Air and Iran Aseman Airlines (Shadi Shaaban)

Made in Esfahan: Eram Air and Eram Air (Shayan Ghotbi)

Brown paper: at-Bristol (Shahla Karimi)

Fighting inflation: Air Zimbabwe (stole it myself)

Take a peek in the gusset: China Southern (Rüdiger Breuer)

Banned on board: Air Malawi. (Eric van Amerom)

Can't miss the strip: SAS. Plus three Italian sanibags: Per cortesia, Elegance and a red/blue Hygiene-Beutel (Frank Mulliri)

Use it as a lifevest: Afriqiyah Airways. And Hoteis Cristal (Janusz Tichoniuk)

Sanséspace? Air Transat (Yumiko Mathias)

Twin torbas: na podkładkę higieniczną and Profil (Oliver Conradi)

All purpose? Desert Air (Walter Brinker)

In case you don't like the music: Airfield Show Altenrhein 05. Plus a Vila Galé sanibag (Jan Tomášek)

No dogmeat on the menu: Sac-o-mat and Frontier Airlines (David Shomper)

Unused for 15 years: Wardair (Gerhard Lang)

Not suitable for home freezing: Sickbag. Plus BRA, AZAL and SickSaver, (Bruce Kelly)

Transparent so you can inspect the contents: Aerosur. Plus another Aerosur, TACA, Lan Peru and LC Busre (Charlotte Häusler)

Cutting back on costs: Aerosvit, Ariana (Jürgen Klein)

Fancy A Avianca? Plus Vaso and Saco Higiénico (Janusz Tichoniuk)

Now very rare: Air Madrid. Plus a Duro sanibag (Frank Mulliri)

Harley Davidson? H.D., Relab den Haan and Virtu Ferries (Tom de Kort)

Extra long for those trips over the Dinaric Alps: JatAirways. And  Sky Airline, Air Pullmantur and Air Koryo (Thorsten Hecht)

Bumper crop: Adamair (white tie), Adamair (bold), Xpressair (no crosses), Merpati (black/white), Air Efata (plain white) (Adi Widjono)

Insight into Iran: خدمات مسافرتى, Parsian International Hotels (Stole them myself)

One plane left: Transavia (Chris Hays)

Lustig, wenn man Deutsch kann: HLX (Übergeben) and HLX (Hier Rhein!) (Josef Gebele)

Slower: Travel Service (Jan Tomášek)

Proof of evolution? Qatar Airlines,, Estonian Air and Cotursa Hotels (Jürgen Klein)

Tell the bag, not the cabin staff: Adria (Nico Snels)

Here come the Russians: Atlant-Soyuz and an unknown Soviet (Debbie Richardson)

Use it or lose it: Thai (Helga Stamm-Berg)

Just like its parent: Condor (Janina Künstler)

More space: Air China (Katja Schmidtpott)

Other budget carriers do it better: Easyjet (Regine Mathias-Pauer)

View through the ceiling of the plane: Jet Airways. Plus a Taj sanibag (Ilse Koehler-Rollefson)

Five-star packaging, one-star bag: Kempinksi Hotels (Sibylle Wittmer)

Stop worms dead: National Trust (Sheila and Geoffrey Mundy)

No wonder they went bust: dba (Evelyn Mathias)

Some of the nicest sanibags I've seen: AVA Papierwaren, AVA Papierwaren and AVA Papierwaren (Oliver Conradi)

In need of Viagra? TAP Portugal. And taken Viagra? another TAP Portugal (stole them myself)

Problem-free disposal: Hygiene-Beutel (stole it myself)

Shocking pink: Hygienebeutel für Binden und Windeln and Starline (stole them myself)

Blue or purple? Hygienebeutel fuer Damenbinden (purple), Hygienebeutel fuer Damenbinden (blue). Plus Leone (can't remember)

White trash: Unknown plain white (can't remember, don't want to remember?)

Tatty but rare: Jagson (Archie Albrecht)

Hard to miss in the cubicle: blue plastic sanibag (Evelyn Mathias)

Wish they made their seat this wide: LTU (can't remember)

Monochrome: PIA, and an unknown Indian (Ilse Köhler-Rollefson)

From the swapsbox: Air France

Less choppy crossing? Sally Ferries. And Hotel Sobieski (Janusz Tichoniuk)

Better to cross the Channel another way: Norfolkline (stole it myself)

German sanis: Hygiene-Beutel und Hygiene-Beutel und Satino (can't remember)

Water-soluble dogs: Proudly white and Proudly natural (Winnie Ma)

Gone digital: Robidog (stole it myself)

Industrial grey Swedish sanis: Sanitetspåse, Sanitetspåse, Sanitetspåse, Sanitetspåse, and brown Sanitetspåse and Sanitetspåse. Plus a Germanic dogbags belloo and Stadt Zürich, a petrol station sani Q8, a Swedish busbag Swebus, cruisebag Stenqvist, FlyNordic, Hygoform from Oslo Airport, a great grey Ultimatic bag from Riga Airport, and ZVG and ZVG from Stuttgart Airport. And a giant Abena Madame bag (whew!) (Josef Gebele)

Yet another variant: Astrein 1670201 (Evelyn Mathias)

Not worth collecting: plain white plastic sani (stole it myself, but for the last time), and another (Evelyn Mathias)

More white trash: plain white and Norfolkline (can't remember)

Rare entertainment: Mahan Air

Misplaced dashes: Star Air (Winny Sanjaya)

Gone green: TAP (Hilmar Wisplinghoff)

Flies and butterflies: Meridiana and Hapagfly, plus Martinair and a nap sack sanibag (Thorsten Hecht)

Viking invader: MyTravel Airways (Homer Goetz)

Beachbag: Timmendorfer Strand and Neudeck & Dransfeld (Oliver Conradi)

The East is Red: Aeroflot. Plus a Severa petbag and a giant grey SANITARY BAG. (Josef Gebele)

Danish slime: DSB and DSB S (Timo Korf)

Norwegians don't need fine print: Radisson SAS Bergen (Oliver Conradi)

Copyright? Bühlmann Fenner (Regine Mathias)

Big dog? Fedog. Plus Air Mauritius (Jan Tomášek)

Worth $425: Eastern Financial Florida Credit Union (Steve Silberberg)

Artbag: Vertissage (Reiner Schulz)

Flashy tab: Thai. Plus a new Fedog (Timo Korf)

Bones for Bowser: Rykoff (Oliver Conradi)

Why the Pentagon builds smart weapons: US Air Force. Plus Archangelsk Airlines, China Xinhua Airlines, LOT, and a Tryp Hotels sanibag (Janusz Tichoniuk)

Lighter: Varig (Susanne Gura)

Puking cinnamon roll: Cosmic Air. Plus a cheaper Sita and a new Gorkha (Piet van der Poel)

Grey or white? Caribbean Star and Caribbean Star (stole them myself)

Decorative Stealth: Air Astana, and South African Airways (Janusz Tichoniuk)

Garbage strewn across the sky: Air Koryo (Brian Sims)

Nigerian at last: Bellview (Eric van Amerom)

Just a little bit longer: Emirates (Merida Roets)

Newly typeset: Air Malta (Beryl Painting)

Tear off from the right side: Shenzhen Airlines. Plus Hoteles Catalonia, Grecotel, and Cosmetics (Gerd Clemens)

Bag it & bin it: Cannon, and a PW Jones busbag (Sheila Mundy)

As in clockwork, or as in burp? Wind Jet. Plus some sanibags: sanitary bag, garciadepou, and SaniShield (Frank Mulliri)

New character: Air China. (Ilse Köhler-Rollefson)

In danger of collision: Aegean Airlines (Michel Silvera)

Available for advertising: Sterling (Eirik Erstad)

Blow into this bag? FlySN (Stefan Sieber)

Wrong species: Virgin Atlantic services to the Bahamas, Shanghai, Delhi and Mumbai, Las Vegas and Havana (Chris Hays)

Comicbag: Evil Ernie. Plus Aviacsa without the Mayan, and Via Rail Canada trainbag (Bruce Kelly)

Almost black: South African Airways (Ulli Hann)

They forgot the logo: Kingfisher Airlines (Ilse Köhler-Rollefson)

Do not disturb while using this bag: Eva Air. Plus Citylink (Michel Silvera and Ludwig Gelobter)

A sanibag from cloth? Siam Intercontinental Hotel. Plus Bolsa higiénica, Port Townsend Paper, Sanitary Bag (Oliver Conradi)

Subscripted Я: El Al (Ted Griffiths)

New Sicsac: Kenmore Air, and a new Horizon (anonymous Canadian)

Own brand: Plus a massive bag for sanitary pads from the Palm Beach Hotel, Larnaca, Cyprus (Chris Hays)

Relax before you spew: Air Sénégal International, plus Petroleum Airline Services (David Shomper)

Lilac wonder: China Eastern (Ulli Hann)

Big enough for an overnight trip: Corsica Ferries (Reiner Schultz)

Price on a bag? Club Air (Cédrick Gauthier-Lacognata)

Carpatbag: Carpatair. Plus SN Brussels, Malev Express and Bulgarian Air Charter (Niek Vermeulen)

Smart dog: Fedog (Jan Tomášek)

Is paradise this white? Air Paradise. Plus LOT, Bouraq and Queezy Sack (Janusz Tichoniuk)

Seeing double: Air Sahara and Air Sahara, plus an Indian Airlines that didn't get caught in the monsoon (Christiane Herweg)

Full of euphemisms: Necessities (Ilona Hoeller)

Two potties: Robidog (Dirk Schumer)

Airborne cetaceans: Aegean Flying Dolphins (Jan Tomášek)

Perfect Christmas present for a baggist: Sicksäver (David Shomper)

Everything must go: HLX and HLX (Timo Korf)

Plane blue: jetBlue (Chris Hays)

Baby blue: LTU and LTU (Tim Höger)

Hygienic Germany: Hofmann (Regine Mathias)

No faxes please, we're German: Igefa (Evelyn Mathias)

Silhouette: Premiere Products (Sheila Mundy)

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