New bags in 2005

Grey shows airline barfbags.

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500th bag on 2005! Royal Air Maroc (Niels Louwaars)

Sticky fingers? Smart Wings (Tom de Kort)

But not while on board, please: Burn without opening, Air Maldives, and Hemus Air showing the entire Bulgarian air fleet (Thorsten Hecht and Gerhard Lang)

Dogbag? Snoop Doggy. And an ancient-looking TAROM (Steve Silberberg)

Wanted - a spellchecker (and an idiom adviser): Blue Air (Nico Snels)

3 colours on plastic: Sonair. Plus two colours on paper: Hellenic Seaways (Bob Grove)

Blotting paper: Aeroflot, SATA, Free Bird Airlines, Luftwaffe, Laudaair and Laudaair. Plus  ITC Park Sheraton sanibag and a crinkle-cut First Ferry. Plus a Madagascar filmbag (or is it a barfbag? (Gerd Clemens)

Can't decide which way is up: TransAsia. Plus upmarket Ariana, and downmarket Blue Panorama (Thorsten Hecht)

Recycled? AeroMexico (Ellen Geerlings)

Hard to open: Laoag International. Plus Finnair 3602 (Thorsten Hecht)

Found in the bin: Residency Club, Chennai (stole it myself)

One-eyed TUI smiley: Britannia Nordic (Frank Mulliri)

Is that really their logo? Neudeck & Dransfeld dogshit bag (Oliver Conradi)

Kilroy wasn't here: Emirates (Bonaventure Nyatombe)

Varig, no Varig: Varig (Homer Goetz)

A new border on the bag: Sachet pour garnitures périodiques (Evelyn Mathias)

Recognition for the noble avocation of baggery: Germanwings (acquired this myself)

Gutes Fest: Germanwings (Alan Howlett)

Memories of Hue: Huong Giang Hotel (stole it myself)

Multilingual challenge to's keyboarding staff: Hygiene-Beutel, Balkan Tourist, Sanitetspåse, Za higijenske uloške, Rivinius AG, Beutel zum Ablegen, Abegglen-Pfister AG, Danke schön, IJN, Garden Hotel Singapore, Hygiene-Beutel aus 100% Altpapier, Protea Hotels, Xusueнeн nлuk (or something like that), Gilchrist, Øακελλοσ υγειασ, and Sachet pour garniture périodique (Oliver Conradi)

US sani: American Hotel Register Co. and nap sack (Matthias Koch)

Eastern European dogs and planes: Fedog Městská část Praha 4, Fedog Město Mladá Boleslav, Fischer Air Polska, Fischer Air Polska Travelgum, Fischer Air Polska Torba Chorobowa, plus African Safari Airways (Jan Tomášek)

Radio bag: (Steve Silberberg)

Ripe plum: Air Philippines (Niek Vermeulen)

Guaranteed to upset your stomach: JAT, Alaska Airlines, Hemus Air, Mark of the Devil extra roomy, and another Mark of the Devil (Bruce Kelly)

Printed on the inside: Pet pick-up. Plus Lufthansa two stripes, and Doggie Walk Bags (David Shomper)

I went away a happy man: PrecisionAir with a logo. And a plain PrecisionAir (Ally Hamisi Mohamed)

Erotic nut: CAT Cocos. Plus a GVS sanibag (Matthias Koch)

Chinese enigma: Cape of Good Hope Hotel (Bruce Kelly)

Clean Flight: Sun d'Or (Yonaton Mevorach)

I thought they'd replaced it with a train? Shanghai Airport Bus (Chris Hays)

Bigger but not better: PrecisionAir. Plus LAM (Jacob Wanyama)

Whiteout: Germanwings (stole it myself)

From Sri Lanka? Berjaya Air (Benjamin Seeland)

Aiming for the bottom end of the market? Lousani Cosmética, plus Lotus Air (Oliver Conradi)

Seabags: Scandinavian Seaways, Rederij Doeksen, DFDS Seaways vertical crimping and horizontal crimping, Swissôtel Cairo, and Qantas kangaroo (Nico Snels)

For Hamburgers: Gassi-Beutel (Ursula Gröhn-Wittern)

Plastic Indonesians: Adamair, Adamair, Xpressair, Mandala (Adi Widjono)

Paper or plastic? American Airlines (anonymous Canadian donor)

To glue or not to glue? Cathay Pacific and Cathay Pacific. Plus a new KLM variant (stole them myself)

Best before... ANA 03/05 and ANA 04/05. Plus sanibags from the Akita Metropolitan Hotel and Adolf Rick Nachfolger (Erich Pauer)

Bright red dogpoo: UHV and Cyno dogbags (Yumiko Mathias)

Contentitore... with snake, and a bag rather than a container (Jürgen Klein)

Britsani: Premiere Products and Out of Eden (Sheila Mundy)

Ritzy new logo: Kenya Airways (stole this myself)

Biscuit Bomber bag: Dutch Dakota Association, and Transavia (Nico Snels)

Flying V: Volar (Steve Silberberg)

Big shipment of Dutch sanibags. Just goes to show how much research is still to be done in this neglected field. Light blue Wegwerp Sachet, lighter blue Wegwerp Sachet, Blueline, De Ster, Apura, Dapax for keeping, and a Dapax for throwing away, Depa, Edet, Hygia, Pour les Dames with upright stars, Pour les Dames with dizzy stars, Clean Sack, Satino, Satino, Satino, Struis Papier, Tork, Vendor, Vendor, Vendor, Scheltinga Verpakkingen, Citin Chemical Products, a Zakje that will cause reproductive health complications, and a Zakje that won't. Plus some international sanibags: Steiner, Protea, Karos, Pyramisa, Boma, Evi, bag for sanitary pads, Hygienický sáček, and Hygiene-Beutel from recycled paper. Oh, and a LAB barfbag (Johannes Bosma)

High culture, metal trashcan: Hygiene-Beutel from the Wagner Festspielhaus in Bayreuth (Regine Mathias)

Pawprint: Aport dogbag, and a slight variant on CSA (Jan Tomášek)

Pretty Pakistanis: PIA and PIA (Ilse Köhler-Rollefson)

Fly is cheap: Wings Air. Plus Corsair, TAP Portugal, and J'© mon chien (Gilles Beger)

This fly, perhaps? Niki, and Air Atlanta (David Bradford)

Why does a prince need a sanibag? Prince Hotels, and Ho-Hsin (Matthias Koch)

Hands in the air: Air Deccan (Alan Howlett)

Design en architectuur voor de luchtvaart: Design museum Gent. Plus Nouvelair with a paler eggyolk, Tarom, TACV and Axis Airways (Niek Vermeulen)

Boat sanibag: Balearia (Matthias Koch)

Will it clear the mountain? Braathens SAFE (Homer Goetz)

Get your dog to take its own poop home: Doggy Pickup. Plus a pink poopbag from Wales (Valerie Davies)

New bag category: Tablemats from Qantas light orange and dark orange. Plus a Qantas V1 photobag  and a Gold Coast dogbag (Annabelle Mundy)

Green binbag: Frontier Airlines (David Shomper)

Harmless fun, or blatant commercialism? Sithbags from Virgin Atlantic: Seating Jedi and Sith, Know your lightsaber, Lightsaber etiquette, and The art of Jedi combat (Chris Hays)

Von der Bundesbahn geklaut? Morfa Ifan (Beryl Painting)

Bushbag: Radisson SAS Riga (Oliver Conradi)

Welsh dogs: Cyngor Sir Penfro, National Trust and I love my dog (picked these up myself)

Saved a star: Gelpa sanibag (Evelyn Mathias)

Plain Polish pukepack: Centralwings (Janusz Tichoniuk)

Heute schon gebeutelt? Ille Lady Bag, and Koggala Beach Hotel (Christian Annyas)

Nausée ou incontinence urinaire: Vomibag. Plus Thai Sky Airlines, Hellbound Hellraiser II filmbag, and a Fischer paper sanibag (Bruce Kelly)

Ancient American: American Airlines (David Bradford)

Vivid vulture vomit: Aserca Airlines (Oliver Conradi)

Dusty the kangaroo: KLM. Plus Etihad, Ukraine International, and Hapagfly (Thorsten Hecht)

One of the Holy Grails of Baggery: Ion Tiriac. Plus Finnair and a sachet pour garnitures periodiques (Oliver Conradi)

As yellow as the Grand Erg Oriental: Afriqiyah (Gilles Beger)

As red as, well, Sterling's website: Sterling (Frank Mulliri)

Do North American bags get any better than this? Victoria Clipper (anonymous Canadian donor)

O for Oman: Oman Air (Timo Korf)

Ambulance bag: Nach Gebrauch schliessen (Monika Güttinger)

Masque des Yakas: Air Afrique. Plus Binter Canarias, AirOne and a Skån Miljøet sanibag (Frank Mulliri)

White tab: Manx (Aidan Stradling)

Anti-Ryan: Protest bag from the Swedish union HTF (Janusz Tichoniuk)

Another handgun? Lady Bag from Ille. Plus Ecossential, Hygenex and Deeko. And g'day, an Aussie train litter bag: CountryLink (Matthias Koch)

What Austrian dogs do-do: Gassi. And a German sanibag, also from Austria: Ille (Regine Mathias and Erich Pauer)

Consumer Affairs: Hygiene-Beutel from the Ministry in Bonn (Evelyn Mathias)

Large, white and logoless: Unknown (Scott Killough)

Profitable visit: Aeroflot, Aeroflot, Aeroflot, Aegean Airlines, Air Caraïbes, Air Inter, Alia, Alia, Alitalia, Australian Airlines, Austrian, Bangkok Airways, Balkan, Bourgas Airport, Bulgaria Air, Bulgarian Air Charter, CAAC, China Eastern, Croatia, Crossair, Crossair, Crossair, Cubana, Gulf Air, Mexicana, Monarch Airlines, Nationair Canada, Phuket Air, Portugalia, Qantas, Qatar Airways, Royal Phnom Penh Airways Group, Styrian Spirit, Syrianair, Taesa, TEA, Transbrasil, Uzbekistan Airways, Vasp, Viasa, Vietnam Airlines, and Worldways Canada. Boatbags from HoverLloyd, Semoulin Thulin, a busbag from Transnorte, and generics from Heinrich Vogel and Papeterie Normande. Plus some freebie sanibags too: Hotel Universal Guilin, Marie Didier, Tengfeidianxinshangwu Hotel and Xi'an Garden Hotel. And all I could offer was 6 bags in return... (Walter Brinker)

Variaciones: Iberian, Iberian, and RyanAir (Carlos Paz)

DNA unravelled: Indian Airlines and Indian Airlines. Yet another Qantas photobag, and an Ille sanitary bag sporting a handgun (Ilse Köhler-Rollefson)

From the hotel, not the bimbo: Sac hygiene from Paris Hilton. Plus a Hygienebeutel für Binden (ewk, I forgot who sent me these)

Oops, my logo slipped: Bangkok Airways (Timo Korf)

Both barcoded: Easyjet and China Northern (Chris Hays)

Does a sticker count? Air Ukraine International. Plus a generic Tyrolean Airlines, and Air China, Asiana Airlines (Gerd Clemens)

Brown bag: Hygiene-beutel (Regine Mathias)

Paper or plastic? Britannia Nordic and Britannia Nordic. Plus Serair, and a Frøken sanibag (Frank Mulliri)

Puke in Pnomh Penh: President Airlines and Bangkok Airways (Colin Smith)

Flying worm: Hainan blue and Hainan speckled blue (Dietmar Ebert)

Túi v sinh ph n (that's "bag toilet assist woman", in case your Vietnamese isn't up to scratch): Century Riverside Hotel, Hue

Furball: Expo 2005 Aichi sanibag (Jürgen Klein)

Caribbean sanis: The Reef Resort and Crown Paradise Club (Thorsten Hecht)

Ritzy new logo: Batavia Air. And an uninspiring old one: Air Austral (Gilles Beger)

Use by 11/04? ANA (Erich Pauer)

Sanitary bag for cats? Toussaint (Regine Mathias)

Worth the visit: Floral China Airlines, 30 years China Airlines, small type China Airlines, and larger type China Airlines. And NLM Cityhopper, BIA, BEA, Air Belgium, AeroRepública, Pacific Airlines, China Xinjiang Airlines, Chosonminghang Korean Airways, Mahan Air, an unknown blue bag, Hermetic bag, BTO24, and Amedis Propy (Niek Vermeulen)

Come to Klick: FlyBe (Roger Macrae)

Grey and white: Dragonair (Thomas Soltwedel)

Brazilian busbags: Reunidas/REAL and Catarnense (Thorsten Hecht)

Green plastic: AeroSur, and an ancient Malaysian (Bruce Kelly)

Star-spangled bag: Skymark (Chris Eeckhout)

Jokes on a bag? HLX Ganz easy and HLX Nicht übel. Plus Bei Übelkeit, Sac a vomi, yet another KLM, TAAG and Lara Europe Analyses (Rilana Schmidt) 

Secret weapon: NATO with serrated top (Aidan Stradling)

Wrapping paper: Air Zimbabwe. And a ziplock Icaro (Roger Macrae)

Not-so boring generics: hussverlag, bolsa de mareo, do you want, and kard-o-pak. Plus a Futura (Christian Annyas)

Paper or plastic? Trans Brasil, Hispania, Maersk Air, and Oasis (Homer Goetz)

Eastern Europeans: Bulgaria Air and Estonian Air (Guido Flohr)

Out of Eden sanibag (Sheila Mundy)

Recyclable Mexican: Aeromexico (Bob Grove)

Asian invasion: Vietnam Airlines, Cathay Pacific (stole them myself)

Another Asian: Jet Airways, plus a cost-saving KLM Cityhopper and another KLM Cityhopper (Evelyn Mathias)

Yet more Asians: Thai, JAL, PT Deraya, Duta Boga Sarana, China Southern, ANA, Air China, and Adamair. Plus evidence of editorial input into a KLM (Winny Sanjaya)

And some more: Lion Air, Sriwijaya Air, Mandala Airlines, Garuda, and long Garuda (Isye Arifiantini)

Seventies' surprise: Air Europe, Air France, Air Malta, Air 2000, Air UK, DRG Packaging, Eastern's dried flowers, Eurowings, Ghana Airways, Hispania, Japan Air Lines, TAE, TUK, and Singapore Airlines. Plus a boatbag from a sunken ferry owned by Townsend Thoresen (Paul Hudson)

Throwing baby's excreta: Sita Air, Skyline Airways, and Yeti Airlines. Plus more new Nepalis: Cosmic Air, Cosmic Air upside down, a pale Buddha Air, another Buddha Air, and another Yeti Airlines without Shangri-la (Shuva Sharma)

Myanma's newest airline: Air Bagan (Susan Stewart)

Rarities from Niek: Air Malawi. CNWA, Air Philippines, Laoag International Airlines, Albanian Airlines, Air Tanzania, Star Airlines (Niek Vermeulen)

Latino ziplocks: Laser, and a Dramamine boatbag (Paul Gonçalves)

China 1, USA 0: a very nice China Eastern and a nasty plain white, and misnamed, Great Lakes (David Shomper)

Strewing garbage in its wake: Air Koryo (Scott Bibby)

For Jeb Bush's dogpoop: Dogipot (Bruce Kelly)

Limited Edition: The other 19 Virgin Atlantic bags (bought on eBay, to my shame)

Spani sani: Barceló (Juergen Klein)

Bag summitry: Lufthansa use by 6.75, Iran Air and Kam Air, (Walter Brinker)

Unexpected delivery? First Choice. And a sanibag from Madeira (Sheila and Geoffrey Mundy)

Young Turks: Onur Air and cnt (which appears to be a bagmaker rather than a bagflyer). Plus a glossy JAT, and some sanibags: voor het opbergen, Depa, Hygiene-Beutel, apotheek noord, and Sodexho (Christian Annyas)

Water-prooed: China Eastern (Bruce Kelly)

Another Alitalia (Frank Mulliri)

75 glorious years: Cubana. Worth a Song! And an Onur and Finnair (Oliver Conradi)

Limited Edition: only 19 to go: Virgin Atlantic (Chris Hays)

Santa's simple rules: Sicksaver (Steve Silberberg)

Unisex sanitary bag? Unipaper (David Shomper)

Heavy-duty Afghan: Ariana. Plus a silver Sac sanibag from Dubai airport (Linda Jones)

Vintage flyer: TWA gin rummy. Plus a tsunami from Sichuan and a wasteful KLM (Bruce Kelly)

Ah, the subtleties of bagcollecting! Finnair and Air India (Thomas Soltwedel)

Asian hotel sanibags: Royal Princess, Satino, Thai Sanitary Bag, Hotel Topaz, Royal Lotus, Pegasus Reef, Sanitary Purpose, and Garuda Plaza Hotel. And some US and European alternatives: Torba higieniczna, Torba na podkładki higieniczne, Brown Paper Goods, Contentitore igienico, Contentitore per assorbenti, and Hygienické sáčky. Plus a selection of boat and airbags: Japanese hovercraft, Air Slovakia, Finnair 1504 and 2404. (Petr Manda)

Sensible advice: Shandong Aviation Group. Plus an elderly Braniff (Thorsten Hecht)

Tax dodge? Belair. Plus Skyways, Royal Danish Airforce, Hapag-Lloyd,  ancient Lufthansa, Luxair, Air Zaire, Varig, LAPA, Aviandina, and a mini-Quick (Homer Goetz)

Don't park on this bag: Royal Brunei. Plus Onur Air, and a Phuja Nirvana sanibag (Bruce Kelly)

Gay lions: Caledonian Airways without thumbhole (Aidan Stradling)

Fresh for the new year: Indian Airlines (Creation), Air Sahara (sick chickens) and Ryan Air (photo), plus a brown Belloo dogbag (Alan Howlett)

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