New bags in 2004

Grey shows airline barfbags.

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Last one in 04: PIA (Ilse Köhler-Rollefson)

End-of-year bagpack: unknown purple, unknown green, Pluna, Helvetic, Axis Airways. Plus sanibags Astra, ingo-man, Meny/Finess, two Swedish trainbags (SJ and litterman), two Danish trainbags (DSB 0804 and DSB ISS), and two Swedish boatbags full of shrimps: Strömakanal white and brown (Josef Gebele)

Gerhard's buddy's bag: from the Russian presidential plane, the "Putini". Plus BHAir with a four-colour base, BHAir with clouds, minimalist Malev and Aurela (Oliver Conradi)

Exploding ideogram: Aeroperu. Plus ancient Northwest Orient and BEA (Roger Macrae)

Club member: Spanair and Spanair (Juergen Klein)

From a single toilet: Astrein and Hygiene-Beutel.

Bargain bag: hello, and Trans Maldivian Airways. Plus Ho-Hsin, JR Plaza and Zech sanibags (Gerhard Lang)

¡Nuevos de America Latina! Avianca, Lan Chile, TAM, TAM Mercosur, Tame and Tame. ¡Y una Lufthansa azura! (Barbara Kneiding)

Backwards: Singapore Airlines (Daniel)

Four on one plane: Indian Airlines Shilpa, Indian Airlines Ashoka, Indian Airlines orange, and Alliance Air

Modern Enterprise: Biman. Boring enterprise: Gulf. More work for the typesetters: Jet Airways. And a Bahraini sanibag: Ramee Group of Hotels

Faded denim: Shenzhen Airlines (Rüdiger Breuer)

Southeast Asians: Merpati Timur Terang, Thai 6-2004, and an anonymous Air North (Allison Brown)

Aussie dogs: Green doggy waste bag and a brown paper bag from the Ocean Grove Dog Beach (Annabelle Mundy)

Bandaged head: CCM Airlines. Plus Maersk X&O, Romavia, Bangkok Airways, Balair, Hapag-Lloyd ACS, El Al puce, and an ancient Burma Airways (Homer Goetz)

Virtual flyer: (Aidan Stradling)

Anything but airlines: Airplane II The sequel, Protect seals, The Vomitorium, Mondo Movie Night 2 (Steve Silberberg)

Latinos: Frontier, GOL, Varig Brasil, VASP, and Rápido Ribeirão Preto and 1001 busbags (Fernando Canteras de Assis)

Only one barfbag: Edelweiss. The rest are sanibags: Feminine hygiene bag, Torba Higieniczna blue, Torba Higieniczna grey, Torba na podkładkę higieniczną, another Torba na podkładkę higieniczną, and another Torba na podkładkę higieniczną, Torebka Higieniczna and TORK (Janusz Tichoniuk)

Mediterraneans: Karthago and Volare Group (Janusz Tichoniuk)

Low-flying vulture: Aerolineas Argentinas (Daniel Lobos)

Cabin Tidy: Thomas Cook. And a Universal Mediterranea sanibag (Chris Hays)

Black African: Air Kenya (Anna Karlsson-Lindqvist)

Blue and White: Korean Air, Fischer Air (Jan Tomášek)

Baby blue: Air Dolomiti and Iberworld (Thomas Soltwedel)

Blue Continental and parrotless TACA (Ellen Geerlngs)

Voor het opbergen: Gelpa sanibag (Evelyn Mathias)

Flying elephant: Yangon Airways (Allison Brown)

Sanibags: Zakje, Thai sanitary bag, Vendor green, Vendor grey, Edet, and Tapae Place. And I © my dog õ (Christian Annyas)

Sanibags: phs disposal bag, and sacco igienico per signora (Gilles Beger)

Sanibags: Adolf Rick Nachfolger, and a brown Hygiene-Beutel für Damenbinden (Evelyn Mathias)

Unbleached: Natürlich ungebleicht (Regine Mathias)

Golden sanibag: Hygiene-Beutel. And a mere blue equivalent. (Leszek Szalapak)

Graphic image of suffering: Buddha Air, plus Air China (Alan Howlett)

Crosshairs on base: Lufthansa (David Shomper)

Plain TUI and KLM cityhopper (Geoffrey and Sheila Mundy)

Hail to the Chief: Bush bag. Plus THY, Malev and 40-Mile Air bags, Ghoul Power film bag, and Contentitore Igienico, Per Assorbenti Igienici, Nankai South Tower Hotel sanibags (Bruce Kelly)

With or without serifs? Aero Lloyd Plus Air Seychelles, Cyprus Airways, and Hapag-Lloyd (Thorsten Hecht)

Chinese bags: China Eastern cartoon plane, China Eastern Airlines Jiangsu, China Southern black, China Southern blue, China Southern dark stripe, Shanghai Airlines, First Ferry (Dietmar Ebert)

Orthopaedic sanibag (Evelyn Mathias)

Broken star: Novair (Frank Mulliri)

Forgot where they came from: Sanitary bag and Tear off to open

Mongol invasion: MIAT (Jim Green)

Nehmt Rücksicht! UHV dogbag (Yumiko Sakai-Mathias)

Great Leap Forward: Air China and Aero Mongolia (Ilse Köhler-Rollefson)

Sanitary: Tyco sani bag (Jo Henshaw)

Plain ferries: Irish Ferries, Norfolk Line

Canadian whiteout: WestJet, Pacific Coastal Airlines (from a Canadian donor who wants to remain anonymous in order to preserve her reputation)

New approach: Qantas and Qantas (James Mangan)

Don't be sick: EasyJet (Annabelle Mundy)

Demurely Victorian: Smith & Nephew

Olde bagges: ANA, British Airtours, CSA, Eastern, Garuda, Gulf Air, Inter European, Pulkovo, Qantas, Singapore Airlines, Tarom, another Tarom, Uni Air (Roger Macrae)

Not to be thrown in w.c.: Bag for sanitary pads (Frank Mulliri)

Lily of the Valley: Out of Eden (Nick from England)

Still no logo: Northwest (Scott Killough)

A new candidate for the world's smallest bag: Trigana. Plus Asiana, Batavia Air, Adamair, plastic Celebes, glossy EgyptAir, Eva Air, Jatayu Airlines, Awair (Winny Sanjaya)

Lemon-flavoured: QeeZee (Nicholas Campion)

Sexy mermaid: Seair. And Aerogaviota, American Airlines, AeroSvit, Austrian, UMAir, and a bag For Disposal of Feminine Products from Fischer Paper. (Matthias Koch)

Bright red Swiss dogs: Belloo (Michael Mathias and Yukiyo Sakai-Mathias)

Prague poop pickup pack: Bono (Juergen Klein)

Busbag: PolskiExpress (Leszek Szalapak)

Don't get the feeling: Merpati. Plus a Celebes barfbag (or is it a sandwich bag?) and an anonymous Indonesian (Rita Gandasoemita)

Modern Packing: EgyptAir (Karin Ralsgård)

Reprinted: Bouraq and a dotty Batavia (James Mangan)

Pooping pooch: Robidog. Plus a new PIA (Yumiko and Steffen Mathias)

Lost its shine: LOT (Christiane Herweg)

No star: MyTravel (Frank Mulliri)

More sanibags: Astrein and Astrein (Evelyn Mathias)

Die unpaessliche Tuete: A hygiene bag designed to hold a thesis on hygiene bags (really!) Plus a bunch of real sanibags: extra-large Astrein, Durner green and blue, Hygiene-Beutel, Hygiene-Beutel, and Hygiene-Beutel, Igefa, Ille, Waldi, and an unknown blue plastic bag. Plus a crossover between airsickness and sanibags: A Scandinavian Airlines sanibag! (Joerg Meyer)

Another gap in the map filled: Turkmenistan Airlines (Ilse Köhler-Rollefson)

Chubby cartoons and typos: China Eastern and China Eastern (Timo Korf)

A non-plain Canadian without maple leaves: Skyservice (Rafael Despradel)

All blue: Iran Air (Oliver Conradi)

Unsullied virgin: Virgin Blue. And Emirates (Sheila and Geoffrey Mundy)

Pakistanis: Aero Asia and Shaheen Air International (Tanveer Arif)

Star and sun: Novair and Novair (Frank Mulliri)

Looks like TUI: Jetair Belgium, TAP Air Portugal, Star Europe (Niek Vermeulen)

Three i's? Contenitore per assorbenti igienici femminiii (Gilles Beger)

Positively mediaeval: DanAir. Plus ancient AMC and Swissair, and a Newt Gingrich politician bag (Bruce Kelly)

Specialty bags: Doggie-Valet and Bedside Disposal Bag (Steve Silberberg)

A barfbag for a TV show? Airline (Bedford McIntosh)

Lotsa bags: Air Pacific, American Airlines, ANA, Astraeus, British Regional Airways, Meridiana, Ryan Air, TAP, TAP, DFDS, Robben Island ferry, Dutch sanitary bag, Holiday Inn, Hotelia, another Hotelia, Lighthouse hotel, Novotel, phs, another phsSouthalls, Dog Station, Dog bag from park in Kingston, Surrey, Dog bag from park near Hampton Court (Mark Brace)

With super absorbent pouch: Sick Jon. Plus two Dutch bags: Transavia and Martinair (Eric van Amerom)

Lotsa crosses: Swiss International, Swiss International (photo), Thai CIQ, Finnair, Air Algerie, TurboJet (Janusz Tichoniuk)

Always worth picking up a bag: A new Lufthansa! Plus NLM Cityhopper, Thai sanitary bag, and Picobello dogshit bag (Alan Howlett)

Cheetah: East African (Moreno Borriero)

Can you read Farsi? Iran Air (Gilles Beger)

Right side up? China Airlines. And Royal Air Maroc (Aidan Stradling)

Glossy prints: ClassicAir (Homer Goetz)

A joke on a bag! Hapag-Lloyd Express (Oliver Conradi)

Soothing lilac: SN Brussels (Frank Mulliri)

Extra security after 11 September: United (David Shomper)

Kilroy: Emirates (Scott Killough)

Lotus effect: Vietnam Airlines. Plus a white KLM Cityhopper (picked them up myself). Plus a Spanish Bolsa Higiénica from the Expo Hotel in Barcelona

Big box of bags: Aces, Adria, Aeroflot, Aero Lloyd, Air Berlin, Air Bourbon, Air China, Alianza Summa, Alitalia, Austrian, Avensa, Cabo Verde, Cebu Pacific, China Eastern, China Northern, City-Air, Crossair, Cubana, Cyprus Airways, Ecuatoriana, Egyptair, Eurocypria, Far Eastern Air Transport, Finnair, Flying Colours, Futura, Hellas Jet, Hemus, Interflug, Iran Air, KLM, KLM cityhopper, LTE, LTU, LTU, LTU and LTU, Northwest, Spanair, Sterling, Swissair, Swissair (again), Transavia, Tunisair, United, Uzbekistan, Yemenia, Smart Mom and a generic Turkish bag from Papirus. And an airbag from a ferry company: Lineas Fred. Olsen. Plus film and ferry bags: Mark of the Devil movie bag, Trasmediterranea, Virtu Ferries, Minoan Flying Dolphins, (whew!) (Christian and Gerhard Lang)

Doesn't tell you what it's for: Icelandair (Leszek Szalapak)

Couldn't afford the train to cross the Channel: Seafrance

Belgianbags: Sobelair, and a Brussels Airport Sheraton sanibag (Frank Mulliri)

Tear Hear: Air Andaman (Piet van der Poel)

Surprise package: Air Malta, Ansett BC40, Aviaco, British Airtours, Brymon Airways, Ecuatoriana, EgyptAir (sienna), Icelandair (red rose), Icelandair (blue on white), Laker Airways, MEA, PIA, Qantas BJ99, Qantas BR99, Saudia, TAP Air Portugal, Thai (in Thai), Transavia Airlines, Hoverspeed and Sealink (Kevin Middleton)

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