New bags in 2003

Grey shows airline barfbags.

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More money from advertising: Alitalia (Frank Mulliri) 

Is this all the occupying forces can afford? Ariana. And an unknown (David Abbass)

Forgotten who sent them: South African, Bravo dogbag, bmi (but thanks anyway)

Lost in the glare: Qatar Airways (Sijo Chackummoottil)

Generic Germanwings (Ilona Höller)

Collected them myself: Thai, Cathay Pacific, UHV, Dog Station

Don't be sick: Easyjet (Hamish Goldie-Scot)

Rift Valley fever? Kenya Airways (Ilse Köhler-Rollefson)

Perfumed doggy blue: Scoopy Doo and Biobag (Steve Silberberg)

Found in a hole? Iraqi Airways (Walter Brinker)

Caught at last: Iraqi Airways. Plus Cebu Pacific, SEAir, GOL (Niek Vermeulen)

Funny G: Guinea Equatorial Airlines (Matthias Koch)

For barf or postcards? Or both? Air Zermatt (Janusz Tichoniuk)

Not Egyptian: Air Luxor and British European (Gilles Beger)

Torba chorobowa: Air Polonia and a redesigned Kuwaiti (Leszek Szalapak)

A record tiddler: Riau Airlines (Jim Jarvie)

Chunder down under: AAT Kings Tours, Searail Ferries, Greyhound and two Qantas photobags (Alan Howlett)

O'zbekiston: Uzbekistan Airways (Regine Mathias)

White, oh so white: KLM Exel (Sheila and Geoffrey Mundy)

Bring your crayons! Hapag Lloyd plain white, and Magic Life sanitary bag (Janina Künstler)

Rare Jap: ANK (Yayoi Okada)

Paper or plastic? Delta (Richard Liston)

More from Bruce: Ocean Air, Sun Aire Lines, American Airlines filmbag and Cannibal Ferox movie bag (Bruce Kelly)

Oh, how crude! Disposable Bullshit bag (James Mangan)

Mexibags: Aeromar, another Aeromar, and Mexicana (Govert Gijsbers)

Sacs à aimer Aeris, another Aeris, and two sanibags: Jofel and Pochette (Frank Mulliri)

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