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That's "reverse chronological order" for those of you who don't understand plain English.

Here's a list of bags that have been processed by Immigration, and have made it through Customs and Quarantine checks into my collection.

Click on the links to see each bag. If there's no link, I haven't got round to adding it to the bag gallery. If the link leads you to the wrong page, check the Bag gallery (menu on the left) for the airline name. (Updated 26 September 2008)

Just landed: 44 bags so far in 2008. I'm still cataloguing the 2007 arrivals - patience please. 291 bags in 2006. A record in 2005: 500. Compare that to 362 new bags in 2004, 341 in 2003, 348 in 2002, 340 in 2001, and 216 in 2000. That total includes my barfbag look-alikes too, including dogshit and sanitary bags. Grey shows airline barfbags.

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Ugali ok, but no gravy: Fly 540 (Nyotumba Bonaventure)

Morning Chicness: Lavender Lulu, Tickled Pink, Baby Bubbles, Bambooboo, Labor of Love, and Rosebuddies

Bagmaker bigger than airline: Turkish Airlines. Plus grey gold Etihad (Ilse Koehler-Rollefson)

Mixed bag: Binter, Ukraine International, Korean Air, Balkan, Hongkong Airlines (Thorsten Hecht)

Anagram bagmaker: Avensa. Plus an old JAL (Homer Goetz)

Lower waste: Swiss International Airlines (stole it myself)

Bring your own marker pens: Air Uganda (Isaac Bekalo)

Smile in the sky, barf in the bag: Sky airlines. And Air Berlin with a new logo (Oliver Conradi)

Graphic turbulence: Xiamen Airlines (Michel Silvera)

Attracting more paying passengers: (Ralph Hertwig)

"You don't know what I've been through to get you this bag": Passareda (*Lucian Peppelenbos)

Feel better: I'll be back: Delta. And air blue (Bob Grove)

Real bag, virtual airline: Ingold (Walter Brinker)

Beautiful country, boring bags: Finnair. Plus a Nex busbag, a pile of sanibags: Starline Webstar, Initial Hygoform, Katrin, CastAway, and two doggie bags: Bravo yellow and (Josef Gebele)

'erair? No, izair (David Bradford)

XXL: (David Bradford)

Guitar pick: Czech Airlines (Jan Tomášek)

Celebrity, sex, fashion. Without airbrushing. Jezebel fashion week (Steve Silberberg)

Rice wine? Asian Spirit. And Air Macau with a lowercase "a" in "air sickness" (David Bradford)

For sufferers of severe antipathy: Voter's Vomit Valet (Bruce Kelly)

Islamic roots? Delta (David Shomper)

A sanibag aimed at the purchasing department: Karta converters sanibag (Juergen Klein)

The longest name for a major carrier? China Southwest Chonqing Airlines. And Alma de México (Bruce Kelly)

Bikebag: Bend Cycle Cab (Steve Silberberg)

Less of a feeling, more of an airline: LC Busre. And a rare ziplock closure from Rutaca (David Bradford)

Grey bag or black box? Crossfit (Steve Silberberg)

Where's the clip? Indigo. Along with Spicejet, Fly540, China Eastern and Mihin Lanka (Michel Silvera)

Fly is no longer cheap: Wings Air. And Lion Air and Mandala. (Isye Arifiantini)

So why not put them in the competition's planes? HLX "Da wird der Konkurrenz schwindlig" and Batavia flowers (Thorsten Hecht)

Eastern invasion: East Star Airlines, Sichuan Airlines, China Eastern, and Xiamen Airlines (Piet van der Poel)

Au naturel? Nature Air. And Continental Skyteam (Bruce Kelly)

Slapstick lipstick: Molotov Theatre (Steve Silberberg)

Bird of paradise: Air Niugini (Helga Stamm-Berg)

JAL goes Lufthansa: Japan Airlines (Kyoko Hagino-Tomioka)

Elated, delighted: Serrated United (David Shomper)

El placer de volar: Conviasa (Hamish Goldie-Scot)

Upright M, not inverted W: Ethiopian (Evelyn Mathias)

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