Scary Movie 2

"One sick flick" proclaims this bag: "Scary people wanted... vote for Britains scariest looking person at amiscaryornot on Post your picture to get your scary rating." All very strange.

The Sun, by the way, is a British newspaper most politely described as "down-market".  Unclear whether you're supposed to use this bag in case of stomach upset while watching the movie, or in case you feel the urge to puke while reading The Sun.

Thanks to Barry Day (2001) 


Snoop Doggy

Not sure if this is a dogshit bag of one intended to contain your stomach contents during a particularly raucous session by this rappist.

Thanks to Steve Silberberg. (2005)


The Vomitorium

Designed as a protest against the greed of the Bush Administration, this bag accompanied a stage show where naked actors gorged themselves on food, then vomited it into troughs, all in the best tradition of ancient Rome.

Held in St Marks Church in the Bowery (yes, really - but it's now an arts centre) on August 17th, 2004.

Comes complete with a cast list and an invitation to an after-vomit party.

Pretty weird, if you ask me.

Thanks to Homer Goetz (2004)


When the Screaming Stops

"Because of the intense nature of this film, stomach distress may occur. Vomit bag for use when viewing When the Screaming Stops."

Sounds as if a bumpy Aeroflot flight might be more fun than seeing the film.

Thanks to Steve Silberberg. (2003)

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