Gerd Clemens rejects my assumption that this is a popcorn bag. He says he wrote to a "smallish airline" (he won't let on which one) to beg for bags, and was sent five of these in return.

Anyway, he says, it's far too small to be a popcorn bag - the kiddies would be starving halfway into the movie.

Now, if only real airline bags were this colourful!

Thanks to Gerd Clemens. (2005)


Mark of the Devil

"This VOMIT BAG and the PRICE of one ADMISSION will enable YOU to SEE... the first film rated V for violence", says this bag. "Guaranteed to upset your stomach... positively the most HORRIFYING film ever made... See it soon at a theatre near you."

What a tasteless bag... Hey, if I wanted an upset stomach, I'd prefer to take a trip on the QE2.

Thanks to Steve Silberberg. (1999) 


Mark of the Devil (Union Camp)

Another edition of the Oscar-winner for nasty design. Made by Union Camp (whoever that is).

Thanks to Christian and Gerhard Lang. (2004)

Mark of the Devil (ABP)

Scared? This bag is big enough for you and your seat neighbour to creep into.

Thanks to Bruce Kelly. (2005)

Mark of the Devil (Kard-o-Pak)

"You can never have enough Mark of the Devil bags", said Bruce when he sent me my fourth.

After thinking about this for several days, I've come to the conclusion he's right.

Thanks to Bruce Kelly. (2005)


Mondo Movie Night 2

'The events in "Zombie" may cause sickness. PLease use this bag if in need. Thank you." See for more.

Thanks to Homer Goetz (2004)


Never Come Back Airline: Die Travestie-Show

You'll have to go to Solothurn in Switzerland to get one of these bags. Has the price of a ticket (32 francs) and the opening time of the bar (from 19:30). Check out the show beforehand at

Thanks to Walter Brinker. (2003) 

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