Cannibal Ferox

This VOMIT BAG will enable YOU to SEE... Positively The Most VIOLENT Film Ever Made!

There's a blurry red photo of a bunch of scantily clad, long-haired people gnawing on what is presumably human flesh. Ooh, gruesome. 

Thanks to Bruce Kelly


Design Museum Gent

A bag advertising the Airworld display at the Design Museum in Gent, in northern Belgium. "Design en architectuur voor de luchtvaart", it says, along with a whole lot more on the back. No, I'm not going to translate it all for you: it's in Flemish, one of the many languages I don't speak.

Want to visit the exhibition? Sorry, you've missed it: op 28 maart en 16 mei 2005. Niek Vermeulen says that this bag was given out at the entrance, but there were no bags on display inside. surprising, given that Swedish bagmaker Duni is listed as one of the sponsors.

Thanks to Niek Vermeulen (2005)


Ghoul Power

"In the event of bad movie", says this "Stay sick spew sack". "Smooth or chunky (depending on individual style). Spewage not included - some assembly required. Do not use while operating stuff, or juggling kielbasi! Meant as a gross novelty item only, so lighten up! The only thing worse than missing the bag is missing the ghoul movie! Friday nights at 11:30 on WB55 WBNX-TV."

I suppose I ought to thank Bruce Kelly for sending me this unsavoury addition to my collection (2004)


Hellbound: Hellraiser

The interesting thing about this bag is not the name of the movie, nor the fact that this is a "fright bag". No: it's the intimate touch on the base: "With pride from the best people. Personally inspected by NANCY. Sep 1 88".

Thanks to Bruce Kelly (2005)


The hills have eyes

From a shock-horror movie featuring cannibal mutants in the Nevada desert. With a handy 4-step guide to how to use this bag in an emergency - something that airlines might do well to copy.

Thanks to Josef Gebel (2007)


Jackass the movie

"Warning", it says, "The stunts in this movie were performed by professionals, so neither you nor your dumb buddies should attempt anything from this movie."

Looks like a good enough reason not to go to see it.

The reverse features pictures showing how to use the bag. If only regular barfbags were this communicative, I'm sure puke spillage and airline cleaning bills would plummet.

Thanks to Bruce Kelly (2002)

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