Here are some goodies to help make your collection complete.

"The Colourful World of Airsickness Bags" poster. Just one of many must-have items in Graham Curran's Vomitorium souvenir shop. Check out the puke mugs, greetings cards, and more.

"Airsickness Bags around the World" -- get this poster from the Gift Shoppe at Steve Silberberg's site.

Want your computer to look different from everyone else's? Or want to annoy your workmates by putting bags on their screens? Download wallpaper featuring choice barfbags from my collection. Right-click on the image to the left and save it to your hard disk. 

To load the wallpaper, right-click on your desktop, select Properties, then the Background tab. Click on Browse and find the file you have just saved. Under Display, select Tile.

Your icons will be totally illegible with this wallpaper behind them, but hey, we must all make sacrifices in the interest of barfbagdom, n'est-ce pas? 

More wallpaper designs are available at the Virtual Vismod Barf Bag Collection.

Bag aficionados may have been lucky enough to receive this Christmas card from Graham Curran in 2000. It reproduces Finnaviation's wonderful bag design, with Rudolf's red nose adding that seasonal touch.

Guido Debenedetti's postcard features a "Pinocchio Airlines" plane actually barfing into an airsickness bag instead of collecting it. Guido and his collection were featured in the Turin newspaper La Stampa of 19-25 November 1999.

Thomas Homer Goetz's postcard shows a selection from his collection.