One of the more scientific emesis containers I have come across in my many years of collecting.

This item comes in an attractive envelope packed with detailed instructions on how to open, use and close the bag.

The bag itself incorporates a handy card funnel to channel hazardous waste away from the environment and into a clear plastic tube, where it can be observed at leisure.

There's even a scale so you can measure the amount of vomit, urine or excreta that you or your loved ones have deposited in the bag.

The instructions are all in English and French. It either comes from Canada, or perhaps from that other bastion of Anglo-French bilingualism, a cross-Channel ferry.

Thanks to Bruce Kelly for this fine item. (2005)



Wisplinghoff: Antwort

A bag to send through the mail -- something like Qantas's photo processing bags, only for faeces rather than photos.

Thanks to Bärbel Kneiding. (2001)


Wisplinghoff: Eilfälle

If you have an emergency case of airsickness, drop it in this bag and courier it to the Wisplinghoff lab.

Thanks to Bärbel Kneiding. (2001)

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