dres. med Wisplinghoff und Partner

From a lab in Cologne that analyses your blood, faeces, urine, and other unmentionables, and then tells you what you're about to die of. This one is designed to hold screw-top plastic containers containing the samples.

Thanks to Bärbel Kneiding. (2001)


Europe Sols

No, I don't think this French laboratory flies planes, or drives trains, buses or boats. But this bag was sent to me by Kard-o-Pak when I asked this German bagmaker for sickness bags. Perhaps Europe Sols works with nauseating chemicals? 

No, says Barbara Kneiding, who works in a similar lab: they use these bags to hold the samples they're testing. Blood, stool, urine and whatnot, all packaged in little airtight containers. Write the patient's name and code number in the space provided, and send it off down to the parasitology lab to test for malaria... 

Bag kindly supplied by Kard-o-Pak. (2001) 

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