Medical and lab bags  

It's not just the transportation industry that needs a reliable way of transporting noxious semi-liquids. Hospitals provide patients with disposal bags. Ambulances keep bags handy for patients who are already ill, and for passengers who get carsick during an emergency trip. Laboratories that test your bodily fluids for nasty diseases do too. So do labs that tell farmers how much manure to spread on the land. Their bags are remarkably similar to our beloved airsickness variety. Here are a few.


Amedis Propy

Is this a barfbag, a sanitary bag, a lab bag, or an ambulance bag? Or all of the above? The little diagrams on the bag imply a tiled background - as in a toilet. But this bag is a tad sturdy to be made available in public conveniences.

The name Laboratoires Amedis implies a lab - which is why it appears here.

Thanks to Niek Vermeulen (2005)



A "Brechbeutel" made by Michallik Mühlacker. German, English, French and Italian on one side; if you speak Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish or Greek, flip it over and puke into other side.

Thanks to Homer Goetz (2006)

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