The birth of bag design.

Aeronaves de Mexico

Mexico, 1960s

Walter Brinker says he was told this bag is from 1938, but that he doesn't really believe it. The crimping on the base seems far too modern for a nearly septuagenarian bag.

Leticia Landeros agrees: she says that this bag dates from the period 1960 to 1971.

"The logo was the first Aztec eagle warrior used by Aeronaves de Mexico between 1960 until 1972, when the airline simplified it's name to "Aeromexico", keeping its corporate name "Aeronaves de Mexico". Thanks, Leticia, and sorry, Walter, it's not the antique you thought it might be...

Owner: Walter Brinker

Air Afrique

Côte d'Ivoire, 1960s

From before they discovered those wonderful Yoruba masks that adorned their later bags.

Owner: Bruce Kelly

Air France (shrimp)

"Very early bag, either 60's or possibly 50's", says Bruce.

Owner: Bruce Kelly

Air France (toy car)

"Supposedly from the 60's using a toy car ad", says Bruce.

Owner: Bruce Kelly

Air India

India, 1960s

Unusual for a 1960s bag - it's not even brown!

Owner: Bruce Kelly


Italy, 1960s

Alitalia used to tie passengers to an arrow and shoot them off into the blue yonder.

Owner: Bruce Kelly

British European (wide)

I don't think they make seat pockets big enough any more for bags this size.

Owner: Bruce Kelly

British European (deep)

From the days when you could be assured of a hearty meal in BEA - and the cabin staff wanted to be sure that none of it ended up on the furnishings.

Owner: Bruce Kelly

British Overseas Airways Corporation (turquoise)

With the old BOAC speedbird logo.

Owner: Bruce Kelly

British Overseas Airways Corporation (blue)

A cleaner colour - but maybe only because this bag has had more careful owners?

Owner: Bruce Kelly


USA, 1964

Comment from Bruce Kelly: "This one is dated 1964 and includes a quiz on the front and a gin rummy score card on the back....quite a busy bag!"

Owner: Bruce Kelly

Inex Adria Aviopromet

Slovenia, 1960s?

Catchy name for this airline - since abbreviated to a mere "Adria".

Owner: Bruce Kelly

Japan Airlines

Japan, 1960s?

From the days when JAL couldn't decide whether to be a flower, a bird, or a honeycomb.

Owner: Bruce Kelly


Iceland, 1960s

"Old Iceland airline, merged into Icelandair in 1975, but I was told this one was from the 1960's", says Bruce Kelly.

The only bag I know that has usage instructions in Icelandic: current Icelandair bags eschew their native tongue.

Owner: Bruce Kelly

LOT (brown)

Poland, 1960s?

Any ideas on the age of this one? Janusz Tichoniuk says it's from the 1960s.

Owner: Bruce Kelly

LOT (green)

Poland, ?

Bruce seems to make a habit of picking up old Polish bags without any idea of their history. One hopes he confines this habit to his bag collection. Again, information on the age of this bag greatly appreciated.

Owner: Bruce Kelly


Germany, 1960

Quadrilingual bag in German, Russian, English and French, from the height of the Cold War. This bags has been signed and dated (12.6.60, 16:10 Uhr, Am Bord D M - SKD) - by the crew, perhaps, or maybe by the other passengers in the bag collector's seat row?

Owner: Walter Brinker

Malaysia-Singapore Airlines

Malaysia/Singapore, 1960s

This airline existed between 1967 (when Singapore split from Malaysia, and Malaysian Airways was renamed accordingly) and 1971 (when the airline was split into Malaysian Airlines System and Singapore Airlines).

Owner: Bruce Kelly


Lebanon, 1966

The MEA logo looks like a road sign: caution, forest ahead.

Owner: Bruce Kelly

Royal Nepal (flying louse)

The louse has either sprouted wings, or is on fire.

Owner: Bruce Kelly

Royal Nepal (mountain)

Doesn't look like Everest. Could it be Annapurna III?

Owner: Bruce Kelly


Denmark, 1960s

From before the days white paper and blue ink had reached Scandinavia.

Owner: Bruce Kelly