From a decade when heavy brown paper was all the rage.


Israel, 1950s

The map of Israel on the bag is from before the 1967 West Bank annexation.

Owner: Bruce Kelly


UK, 1950s

Heavy paper with cardboard reinforcement. The only print is BOAC at bottom. This bag measures 175 x 263 mm.

Owner: Bruce Kelly

British European Airways

UK, 1950s

This version of the BEA logotype was used between about 1948 and 1959.

Owner: Bruce Kelly

Capital Airlines

USA, 1950s

Capital started as Skyline Transportation in 1927. It was renamed Pennsylvania-Central Air in 1928, became Capital Airlines in 1948, and merged with United Airlines in 1961. So this bag must come from the period 1948-1961.

Capital is not to be confused with Capitol International Airways (a different airline), which shows up in several collectors' inventory. This airline started in 1946 and ceased operations in 1984.

Owner: Bruce Kelly

El Al

Israel, 1950s

Old logo.

Owner: Bruce Kelly


"My boss (she comes from Iceland), brought me this bag - from 1950 - the first flight from Icelandair", says lucky baggist Oliver Conradi. "She thought it might enliven my collection."

Oliver is right about the bag - it's an exceptionally well preserved specimen for the period (something to do with Iceland's climate?). And it's the only known Icelandair bag to have something in Icelandic on it: Flugfélag Íslands H.F. (the firm's name).

Oliver's boss says she flew with the newly named Icelandair as a small child in 1950, and saved the bag between some books (hence the excellent condition).

The Icelandic name Flugfélag Íslands stems from 1943. I've been unable to trace when the winged horse logo on this bag was replaced by the current logo. Can anyone help?

Owner: Oliver Conradi

Indian Airlines

India, 1950s?

Owner: Bruce Kelly

Pakistan International

Pakistan, 1950s?

The PIA logo has a hard-to-spot plane flying through it, leaving a pencil-thin vapour trail. This logo was used during the 1950s and 1960s.

Owner: Bruce Kelly

Royal Air Force

UK, 1957

This bag has ink handwriting on it that says "Spew (sick) bag, St. Eval Camp 1958, Anson". The previous owner states it's authentic, says bagowner Bruce Kelly.

The Anson was a multipurpose plane designed in 1933, and served with the RAF until 1968. St Eval, near Newquay in Cornwall, was an important RAF Coastal Command airfield during the Second World War. The RAF left its base there in 1959.

Owner: Bruce Kelly

Royal Nepal

Nepal, late 1950s

One of the more elaborate logos: it appears to be the Nepalese royal house's coat of arms, emblazoned on the back of a flying woodlouse.

"I like this bag very much", says owner Walter Brinker. One can easily see why.

Owner: Walter Brinker


USA, 1953

TWA and 1953 printed at the bottom of the bag.

Owner: Bruce Kelly

Thai Airways

Thailand, 1950s?

Different airline from Thai International.

Owner: Bruce Kelly

Union of Burma Airways

Myanmar, 1950s?

Predates Burma Airways.

Owner: Bruce Kelly


Brazil, 1950s

Dated by Denir Camargo from Brazil as 1950's with the old logo.

Owner: Bruce Kelly