From the dawn of baggery.

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Lignes Aeriennes Farman

France, 1927

Farman was also known as Societe Generale de Transport Aerien (SGTA). It merged to form Air France in 1933. This bag was shown in 2003(?) to baggist Niek Vermeulen by a Dutchman, who said it came from a flight from Amsterdam to Paris.

Owner: ?

Deutsche Luft Hansa?

Germany, 1929

Für Luftkranke means "for airsick persons". This bag measures 238 x 294 mm (a big wide bag), and has a full base. The paper is very thin and very, very fragile.

Made by "H. Beucke & Söhne, Dissen TW." Dissen is a town in the Teutoburger Wald (TW, Teutoburg Forest), in Germany. This firm still exists, but has no information about the bag.

The previous owner was sure the bag was from 1929.

Owner: Homer Goetz

Deutsche Luft Hansa?

Germany, 1929

Made from waxed paper. The previous owner swears this bag came from a tour his parents took in 1929. Possibly from Deutsche Luft Hansa.

Owner: Bruce Kelly