Top four

Time just for a quick tour? Our dedicated team of bagsurfing specialists suggest the following sites:

Airsickness Bag Home Page: Steve Silberberg's virtual museum of bags.

Rune's Official Barf Bag Collection: Rewarding site from a Swedish collector.

Kelly's World of Airsickness Bags: Alaska-based Bruce Kelly's collection: the biggest bag online collection on the planet. The place to go if you need to know what a Walker's Cay Airline bag looks like.

The Vomitorium: Award-winning site by Graham Curran, with clickable thumbnails of each bag and the airline logo underneath. Pay a visit to the Souvenirs: a definite must-see.

Want to see more?

Then search Yahoo or Google for "barf bags", or check out the following. Nice, clean design from young Czech collector Petr Manda Listing of 2000+ bags from Thomas Homer Goetz's massive collection. Includes his swaps, but sadly, no bag pictures.

Anan's airsickness bags collection: Bilingual English/Japanese site by Toshiaki Anan, with clickable thumbnails attractively arranged by continent.

Baghecht: Joint collection of German Tütologen Thorsten Hecht and Gerhard Lang. Extensive collection. Click on the thumbnails to see a larger scan and details of each bag.

Bag-Hobby: Collection Chris Hays, a young British former bagophile. Most of his collection was taken over by UK/New Zealand collector David Bradford.

Bagistan: Reiner Schulz's Bagistan National Museum of Bags.

Bagland: Alan Howlett's collection of over 550 bags, all displayed in widescreen format in glorious Technicolor®, so you can see every fold, crease and ethnic food stain.

Bagstage: The collection of German baggist Walter Brinker. List of bags and swaps. Scans are promised for the future.

Barfbag Central: Entertaining site from Ernest Cox, features the world's only barfbag carousel.

Bjørn Christian Tørrissen's Needful thing: Only a few bags, but makes up for this with a wealth of ancillary information.

Daniel's airsickness bags: A listing of German collector Daniel Kahleyss's collection. No pictures, but aficionados might be interested to check his list of airlines who did NOT supply him with bags when he asked.

Barforama: Small but nicely designed site by Larry Nadon. This site is managed by two Czech baggists, Jan Tomášek and Petr Mack. A small (but highly coloured) collection of Cédrick Gauthier-Lacognata's European bags - in 11 languages, including Romanian, Norwegian, Catalan and Sicilian. Formerly called Giramondo

David Shomper's Barfbag Site: Imaginatively named site belonging to David Shomper: claims to be the world's highest (above sea level)

DesignForChunks: A site rich in potential bag designs, rather than real bags. Some awesome designs to inspire airlines that offer boring plain white bags. Check here for a quick taste.

Eero Kouvalainen's Strange hobby: This Finnish collector has over 100 bags but just a few bag images on his site.

fmd's Air and Sea Sickness Bags Collection: Italian collection by Fulvio Dossena, with some bags scanned.

Frank's Collection: Small site in German and English by Frank Wentzel. Does not seem to have been updated recently.

Fred's airsickness bags: "Belgium's first website dedicated to the wondrous world of airsickness bags". Nice, clean design by Frédéric Courtay, with over 100 bags.

Fredy Thürig: This Swiss collector has an extensive bag gallery.

Indojin: Or something like that. Sawada Ken's collection, in Japanese.

Inflight: Very nicely designed site displaying Christian Annyas's collection.

Jablos Kotztüten-Museum: Informative and entertaining site in German.

Jakkiez's collection: This young Thai collector started the original Yahoo! barfbags egroup.

Johnny's Barf Bags Website: Small collection from an Israeli collector.

Kanako's collection: Small collection from a Japanese baggist, but with some rare East Asian items.

Ken Costilow: Useful thumbnails to help you identify unknown bags.

Kotztueten: Handy reference of Frederik Witte's bags, with a Hall of Fame of donors. Small German collection from Christian Becker. Collection curated by Martin Zeil and Thomas Krämer, divided into German, European and non-European bags.

Kyoko's Airsickness Bag Collection: Japanese collector Kyoko Hagino-Tomioka has some interesting items from Asia and the Pacific.

Max Sammet's Barfbag Page: With optional background hurling sounds. bullet Michael Cooper's Barf Bags: This University of Berkeley professor lends a bit of academic kudos to the profession of baggery. Watch the news video of his collection.

Mike's World Wide Web of Barfbags: Small collection of American bags. For some reason it features high on a lot of search engine results.

Ohayuni's collection: In both English and Japanese. bullet Rasmus Møller Sørensen's Collection: Site in English and Danish with thumbnails of some of the bags.

Rolf Thalmann's site: Features poetry as well as large-sized bagscans so you can check every flaw and crease in Rolf's collection.

Russell Buckley's swaplist: This British safety card collector also trades bags.

Sam's Airsickness Bags: This young Israeli collector's site boasts hundreds of bags. Clickable pictures of some.

Sickbagman: By UK collector Steve James, but has not been updated since he sold his collection to US baggist Earl Waibel. Some memorable items on display.

Takeshi and Tomoko Muto's sickbag page: Specializes in Japanese bags. A pity they don't trade.

't brakerke: Tom de Kort claims this is the "second Belgian site on barfbags". Nice collection with handy clickable thumbnails.

Torby na Pawia: Leszek Szałapak's site, in English and Polish. Apparently the Poles think that barfbags have something to do with peacocks.

ULC's Airsicknessbags: Danish baggist Ulrik Christensen's collection. Listing of bags, but sadly no scans.

Virtual Vismod: A collection that has now been donated to Steve Silberberg's Virtual Museum. Includes wallpaper to download.

The virtual museum of ralphing receptacles. Only three pages, but packed full of clickable bags. Owner of this fine site is US-based collector Harry Robertson.

Wolfgang Franken: Useful bilingual (English and German) site, with big list of other sites, a bulletin board and news of collectors' conventions.

Yaho de Ville: If you speak Polish, this is the bagsite for you. The Torebki link in the menu leads to the bags.

Yahoo: The folks at Yahoo have finally seen fit to give bagophily the prominence it deserves.

Zio Guido's site: This Italian collector offers visitors a barfbag postcard.

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