Parks Victoria

The slogan "Healthy Parks Healthy People" on this "Australian made" bag is based on a false premise: that picking up your dogpoop will somehow make the park a better place.

In fact, the opposite could be true: by allowing your pooch to do its doings wherever it wants, you are contributing to the recycling on nutrients and the buildup of soil fertility - which will in turn lead to a healthy, biodiverse ecosystem.

Thanks to Annabelle Mundy (2006)


Pet Pick-up

The doggy bag of choice in Valdez, Alaska. Comes complete with graphic instructions and cartoons of 10 happy Alaskans walking their pooches.

Thanks to Bruce Kelly. (2002) 


Pet Pick-up (printing inside)

The only bag I know of with printing on the inside. "Fold-lock top", it says, along with a string of cartoons showing a dog crapping and then scolding its owner for leaving the steaming turd on the pavement.

Thanks to David Shomper. (2005)



Saisir la crotte avec la main protegée par le sachet. In German too!

Thanks to Alan Howlett. (2004)



Simple yet innovative design, enabling you to manipulate your pooch's poo into a paper bag using a pair of cardboard pincers.

With instructions in seven languages on the bag and the pincers, plus a twee cartoon showing a dog holding out a bag to a grateful owner.

Thanks to Fred Courtay (2007)


Pooˇch Pouch

A Keep Australia Beautiful bag from the beach at Margaret River, Western Australia. Full of helpful instructions:

"The no-touch solution to problems that dog you

1. Place hand inside the Pooˇch Pouch and take hold of dog droppings

2. While holding the droppings, turn the Pooˇch Pouch inside out

3. Place Pooˇch Pouch and contents in bin (please close lid)

4. Leave only your "

If only the instructions on barfbags were so explicit...

Thanks to Annabelle Mundy. (2003)


Practica Hundekotbeutel

Little pictures on this Swiss bag show you how to pick up poochpoop without polluting your paws.

Thanks to Verena Hömcke. (2003)


Proudly (white)

This dogshit bag dissolves in water - so you can pick up your pet's poop and drop in it the loo.

Just make sure your hands are dry before you do so.

Thanks to Winnie Ma of


Proudly (natural)

Not sure what a "natural" colour for a dogpoop bag should be.

Thanks to Winnie Ma of

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