The pooch in the picture has left behind two steaming turds. From Städtereinigung Nord (North City Cleaners).

Thanks to Matthias Koch. (2003)



"Don't give a dog a bad name..." says Jasper, the cartoon pooch on this bag, "use one of my Poop-Scoops..." This brown, 100% bio-degradable, paper bag features two sturdy cardboard scrapers glued to the opening, so you can scoop up that do-do without feeling its consistency through flimsy plastic (unlike the low-tech Teutonic versions above and below). Little diagrams show you how. There's even a punch-out hole to make a handle so you can carry the bag to the nearest wastebin. 

Poop-scoop is variously translated as "opruimzakje", "Hundebeutel", "Coje cacotas", "Ramasse crotte", and "Sacchetto igienico". The makers, QPS Environmental of Ripon, northern England, are clearly aiming for a Europe-wide market.

Thanks to Steve Jones. (2001)


I © MY DOG (nameless Jasper)

The dog has lost his name, and the maker is now BN Dekker of the Netherlands.

Thanks to Christian Annyas (2004)


I © MY DOG (Weobley)

The burghers of Weobley, a picturesque black-and-white village in bucolic rural Herefordshire, in the west of England, want you to visit. But they don't want your dog to leave anything that might deter other visitors.

Walk into the village post office, and you can ask for five free cardboard poop-scoops, so you can take your canine's faeces back home with you.

Weobley Parish Council has invested in a stack of bags to give away free to visitors.

You can also get a set of bags from at least two of the village stores. You don't even have to produce a dog - or any dogpoo - in order to get a set of bags.

Visit them all, and you can drive out of Weobley with no fewer than 15 handy pocket-sized dogshit bags for your collection or to trade with friends.

There's a sticker on the bag informing you of the Parish Council's largesse, and telling you where to get more bags if the village stores have all run out.

Picked this up from Weobley's supermarket (2005)


I © MY DOG (Galway)

Galway is the latest burgh to follow Weobley's inspirational lead. "Galway City Council have supplied tou these to help keep the area free from dog fouling..." it says.

Order more from

Thanks to Silke Brehm and Sven Schade (2007)


J'© mon chien

Otherwise known as Crott-ï-prop. "Ideal pour recueillir les excrements du chien".

So if you want an ideal way to pick up your dogpoop, you need look no further.

Thanks to Gilles Beger (2005)


JJB Solutions

From a firm that makes everything you need to dispose of your petpoop safely and hygienically.

Thanks to David Shomper (2006)

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