One of the most exciting bags to have hit the world's pavements.

Put your €0.50 into a Gassi dispenser in Austria, and out drops this little cardboard package. (If you're lucky, out drop two of them.)

It opens up to reveal a sturdy plastic bag. Tear off the built-in cardboard scraper to shovel your pet's shit off the sidewalk and into the bag.

There's a series of six helpful diagrams to show you exactly how to do this.

Thanks to Regine Mathias and Erich Pauer (2005)




This bag from Hamburg has entire essay to persuade dog-owners on the virtues and responsibilities of cleaning up after their furry friends.

Thanks to Ursula Gröhn-Wittern (2005)


Generic (Kingston, UK)

A generic dogshit bag? How low is it possible for a collector to stoop? Pretty low: right down to ground level in order to bring you the full variation of the bags used to pick up dogshit around the globe.

This nameless black number comes from a park in Kingston, UK.

Thanks to Mark Brace. (2004)


Generic (near Hampton Court, London)

Evidently not from Henry VIII's Hampton Court Palace itself, but from quite close by.

Thanks to Mark Brace. (2004)


Gold Coast City Council

The cartoon shows a happy canine using a shovel to dump do-do into a paper bag. Reality is different: the three diagrams show how to use human hands, not a hygienic shovel, to dispose of your pooch's poo.

Thanks to Annabelle Mundy. (2005)


Green Doggy Waste Bag

From AMS, Animal Management Services Pty Ltd. "A premium" degradable product for a cleaner environment". For green Aussie dogs only?

Thanks to Annabelle Mundy. (2004)

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