"Thanks for Cleaning Up After your Dog", it says in an uncoordinated mixture of upper and lowercase. A nice touch is the picture of a Doberman guarding a fire hydrant.

Thanks to Steve Silberberg. (2002)

Dogipot (closer arrows)

I haven't worked out what the arrows are supposed to mean. Insert shit in this end? But they point in both directions. Tear bag off roll here? But they're too far away from the perforations to be a useful guide to users.

This bag collected by Bruce Kelly from that mecca of dogshit and vote-rigging that is Florida.

Thanks to Bruce Kelly (2005)



Dog Poo Bag

A wealth of information on this bag provided by Singapore Parks.

"The no-touch solution to problems that dog you", it says, followed by detailed instructions on how to grasp your pooch's poo and dispose of it in a bin.

At the bottom it tells you that the "material used for this bag is NOT recommended for food storage". Lucky it says so - I was just about to catch a flight to Changi so I could restock on freezer bags for free.

Thanks to Frank Mulliri (2007)


Dog Station

Ihre Umwelt dankt Ihnen, says this bag (Your environment thanks you). So will your neighbours if you clear up their dogshit too. The bag itself is recyclable but not compostable. From 

From somewhere in Hesse, in Germany. (2003) 


Dog Station (2)

Slight variation on the Dog Station bag above.

Thanks to Mark Brace. (2004)



"Totally degradable plastic additives", it says. Fearful that this bag will crumble to dust in my hands, I'm going to pack it away in a darkened, temperature-controlled deepfreeze and bring it out to look at once every 20 years.

Thanks to David Shomper (2006)

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