The high-tech answer for concerned dog-lovers. This design, provided by the City of Anchorage for its extensive trail system, features a rectangular loop of sturdy wire holding the bag. Hold the cardboard handle (note the knock-out handhole!) and scoop your pet's poop into the bag. Then just press down, and the wire frame neatly telescopes into the handle, sealing the bag at the same time. The design is patented, of course.

Thanks to Bruce Kelly. (2002)



Cleans it up quick as a wink!, this bag claims. It's certainly big enough: 34 x 34.5 cm.

On the reverse are detailed instructions on how to install a bag on your "unit" (whatever that is). Plus, a warning to keep the bag away from babies and not to use in cribs, beds, carriages or play pens. Probably safer to leave the dogshit in such places rather than clean it out with this bag.

Thanks to Steve Silberberg. (2004)


Doggie Walk Bags

This little plastic packet "contains 5 bags", according to the largest of the purple pawprints on the front.

"The Doggie Walk Bags Company is a family owned business", says the reverse. "Our mission is to provide useful and economical products that help keep communities cleaner."

"We have been working since 1988 to create the 'ideal' bag."

The research and development effort has paid off. Features of this ideal bag are listed in other pawprints:

bullet"Opaque material" (none of that transparent polythene used by Doggie Walk's competitors)
bullet"Easy tie handles" (easy to keep the dogshit inside)
bullet"Pleasant baby powder scent" (now you can walk down the road sniffing the full bag).

On the back are two more benefits:

bullet"Bright blue color makes it visible to law enforcement officers" (America's cops clearly keep a lookout for dog owners carrying concealed bags)
bullet"Reasonably priced for daily use" (not like those luxury bags that are so expensive you have to limit walking your dog to once a week).

The front of the package is festooned with fire hydrants - the best place to show off your affordable, brightly coloured, easy-tie bags to the law-enforcement community.

Thanks to David Shomper. (2005)

Doggy pickup

Attach this handy little container to your dog's leash, and you are independent of lamp-post based dogshit bag containers.

Each Doggy Pickup drum contains a roll of 20 plastic bags in a range of colours: black, black or black.

Pull out a bag, put it on your hand like a glove, retrieve the poop from the ground, reverse the bag, and tie a knot in it to keep the contents as fresh as the minute they were laid.

Attach the bag to your darling animal's lead, and get it to carry it home!

Thanks to Valerie Davies and her dog. (2005)



Doggy's Toi Bags

A doggy bag from Germany. With pictures showing you exactly how to dispose of do-do without dirtying your digits. There's a convenient hole at the top too, so you can hang your full bag up while you wash the pavement. (2001)

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