"La proprete c'est l'affaire de tous!" So you should take a Canipropre bag with you to collect dogpoop - even if you don't have a dog?

Thanks to Frédéric Courtay. (2003)



Vevćre til dyr.. Hundeejer: Vis hensyn!

Hope you got that. In case you don't speak Danish, there are little pictures of dogs and their doings to help you figure it out.

Thanks to -- sorry, I've forgotten.


Chrisco (44 cm)

The longest dogbag I've ever seen: 44 cm including handles.

Thanks to Homer Goetz (2007)

Cyngor Sir Penfro

My first dogshit bag in Welsh. In fact, my first bag of any type in Welsh: it's not a language frequently used in international aviation.

This fascinating item is issued by Cyngor Sir Penfro, or Pembrokeshire County Council, which is charged with preventing dog excrement pollution in the furthest corners of Wales.

"Your dog must wear a collar and tag with your name and address when in a public place", it says. This friendly advice is followed by threats: "Stray dogs are collected by the dog warden and impounded until a release fee is paid. Clean up after your dog. Offenders will be prosecuted."

Check the bag itself if you want to know what that lot is in Welsh.

Thanks to the warden at Bosherton Lilyponds (2005)



Flimsy plastic bag that urges users to "reduce, reuse, recycle". Quite how you're supposed to do any of these to the likely bag contents is unclear.

Thanks to Yumiko Mathias. (2005)


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